Ensuring sustainable growth requires smart and sustainable use of resources. The circular economy is a method to maximise the value of products and materials in the economy. It is a kind of restoring system aiming at an eternal life cycle.

In practice this could be, for example, that a product is designed in a way that the materials can be extracted and recycled as efficiently as possible. Longer service lives, recycling of materials, parts and components, utilisation of waste and minor flows, and various services are typical examples of how the circular economy manifests itself.

We at Metropolia rise to this challenge by training experts to work in circular economy jobs. We also engage in active local and global research and development in the subject. We focus on the circular economy of textiles, construction, nutrients and the food production industry. We emphasise not only the basic technologies but also the potential of digital applications and IoT.

Department of Clean Technology

Department of Clean Technology is focused on University level education, variety of industrial services and RDI-activities in the field of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Surface Treatment Technology, Laboratory Sciences, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering.

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