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The Archivist is holiday 29.6 - 4.8.2024 and she is coming on Monday 5.8.2024 again.

During this time from Monday 8.7.2024 you can order only Study Certificates and Transcripts of records for Te-office. Orders through the online store.

On Friday 28.6. The Archivist gives Study Certificates and Transcripts only by email, because she is working remotely.

International verifications are not given in time 17.6. - 7.8., because teachers are on holiday.

Please remember that you can share your information about your own study path using the: Oma Opintopolku

This is the information of opening hours and contacts of Student office:

Metropolia UAS Archives provides copies of documents it helds, such as degree certificates, curricula and transcripts of records.

New: Opening hours and Contact Information: Mon - Wed 10 am to 13 pm. Phone service: 040 334 5130. You can send the emails everyday: arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

New: Order for copies of documents will be transferred from the beginning of 2024 to the Metropolia online shop. Instructions can be found under the title

Requesting and paying for copies of documents

Information on the documents in the archives, list of prices and the information service request form are found below.

Please note that the archiving services are overcrowded for example due to the joint application system deadlines, therefore the delivery times for documents may be longer than usual. Apologies for possible inconvenience.

If you are a Metropolia graduate and need copies of your study documents, you can request them for a fee from Metropolia document archives.

Requests for copies of documents and information services concerning study documents as of 1 January 2016:

Material stored at Metropolia
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences1 August 2008 →
Helsinki Polytechnic (permanent polytechnic)1 August 2000 – 31 July 2008
Temporary Helsinki Polytechnic, Faculty of Technology: degree diplomas, assessment and study cards1998 – 2000
Temporary Helsinki Polytechnic, Faculty of Culture: degree diplomas and further education diplomas1997 – 2000
Helsinki Institution of Higher Vocational and Vocational School Education, Faculty of Technology: degree diplomas, assessment and study cards: Faculties of Technology and Culture1999 - 2000
Helsinki Institution of Higher Vocational and Vocational School Education Faculty of Culture: degree diplomas1999 – 2000
Helsinki Institute of Technology, some copies of degree diplomas, assessment and study cards1.8.1995 – 1998
Helsinki Institute art and media, degree diplomas1997 – 1998

Requesting and paying for copies of documents

Ordering copies of documents from Metropolia's online store

Term and conditions for Metropolia´s archive services

You can order the following copies of documents from the Metropolia online shop:

  • Copy of Degree Certificate with attachments
  • Copies of certificates for specialisation studies and other courses
  • Study/ Resign Certificate
  • Transcript of records (former students) Paper and Electronic
  • Course description
  • Other documents (e.g. evaluation of practical training)

Copies are subject to a fee in accordance with the current price list, which must be paid at the time of ordering. Orders will not be delivered until payment has been made. It is not possible to order hourly invoiced copies from the online shop.

Metropolia does not guarantee that the document is suitable for the purpose intended by the subscriber.

Metropolia shall not be liable for the timely delivery of a copy of a document in such a way that the subscriber can use it for the desired purpose.

Metropolia shall deliver the document in the original language. Metropolia does not translate documents into other languages.

Documents will be delivered within 2 weeks of the date of order. In holiday periods the delivery time might be longer. During university application periods, delivery might be congested, so please make sure you place your order as early as possible to receive your copy in time.

Metropolia is not liable for documents lost during the delivery process or that documents sent directly to a foreign organisation arrive by the deadline.

Copies of documents are subject to a fee. Copies of documents are free of charge to students ongoing studies.

If you do not need an official transcript of records with Metropolia’s stamp and signature, you can print one yourself from the My Studyinfo - Studyinfo page.

  • Copy of a degree certificate, including a transcript of records and a diploma supplement, 45 euros
  • Sending the Certificate directly to international organisation 50 euros
  • Study Certificate 20 euros
  • A transcript of records for a graduate or a student who has resigned 20 euros paper or digital
  • Course descriptions (Syllabus) 20 euros
  • Other documents: e.g. clinical practice evaluation 15 euros
  • A certificate of specialisation studies, Continuous Education and other course, 15 euros
  • Hourly billing: Verification, Thesis 20 - 50 euros. These are always ordered separately by e-mail before delivery on the basis of price estimate, no via Metropolia Store.

IBAN-number: FI4450000120474696

Payment must be made before the copies can be delivered. A copy of the payment receipt should be attached to the information service request form

Information service request form This ends at the end of 2023

Please note the followingkopiohe copies of the documents will be delivered within 2 weeks.

  • The documents requested will be posted after we have received payment. A copy of the payment receipt should be sent by e-mail to arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi).
  • The requested documents will be sent by e-mail.
  • [If you wish to pick up a document from our office, please request this in advance by sending an e-mail to arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi) or by submitting the information service request form (see above). When picking up documents, you must present a personal identity document or a letter of proxy authorising you to pick them up on the behalf of someone else.]
  • When requesting copies of documents issued before 1 August 2000, you should check with the archivist where the originals are located. See above for the material stored at Metropolia and the link below: Copies of documents obtained elsewhere.
  • The requested documents will not be translated into other languages.
  • Document copies can be certified as original by taking them and the original documents to the notary public at the Local Register Office.
  • Assessments of practical/clinical training should be requested from: Secretary of Health Care and Social Services, tel. +358 40 354 3518, or the archivist, tel. +358 40 334 5130.
  • The Transcripts records can be obtained free of charge if you are a student at Metropolia.

Document cancellation

  • If you no longer need the document you requested, please immediately email arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Cancellation conditions:

An order cannot be cancelled once it has been delivered. If the order has not yet been delivered, the cancellation must be made by e-mail to arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi). Orders that have been delivered cannot be cancelled or returned, and no refund will be given.

Non -retrievable diplomas

  • Original diplomas that the student does not collect upon graduation, will be kept in the archive for 6 months, after which they will be deleted.

Archive Opening hours

You can send email:

arkisto [at] (arkisto[at]metropolia[dot]fi) every day


tel +358 40 334 5130 on Monday - Friday

Copies of documents obtained elsewhere
Helsinki College of NursingThe National Archives and, as of 1 August 1995, Helsinki City Archives
Midwifery College of HelsinkiThe National Archives and, as of 1 August 1995, Helsinki City Archives
Helsinki IV Health Care ProfessionalsThe National Archives and, as of 1 August 1995, Helsinki City Archives
Helsinki City College of Social and Health CareHelsinki Vocational College and Helsinki City Archives
Helsinki Institute of TechnologyThe National Archives and, as of 1 August 1995, Helsinki City Archives
Helsinki Institute Art and MediaHelsinki Vocational College and Helsinki City Archives
Helsinki Institution of Higher Vocational and Vocational School EducationHelsinki City Archives
Temporary Helsinki PolytechnicHelsinki City Archives
EVTOL and EVTEKEspoo City Archives