Brothers in Arms - two colleagues from Nokia at the IT Master’s graduation ceremony

5.3.2019 - 09:00

Raimo Ahosola ja Jari Kallio– I have always been interested in learning new skills and learning in an intensive way such as in this Master’s program suits me the best, said Raimo Ahosola at the graduation ceremony.

– And you never know when a formal Master’s level degree is required.

– Today’s fast changes both in technology and job market require constant update to one’s knowledge. Continuous learning has become a habit for me, continued Jari Kallio.

– I also prefer a traditional type of education where a teacher is present compared to virtual, web-based courses. Even though I must say that combining work and studies was sometimes a little challenging.

– This program suited me very well, said Raimo. – The content included something totally new but also something that I was already familiar with, therefore the workload was OK. And meeting other students with different backgrounds is always refreshing. I was also able to do my Master’s thesis to my employer which helped a lot.

– Now when I graduated I must say that the program was an excellent experience, continued Jari. – I also enjoyed meeting new people from different companies and countries. Maybe some courses outside the technical area could have been nice to broaden the scope as engineering is not the whole world. This was probably the last degree program as such that I complete, but I will never stop studying.

– I think the main value of this program to me was that it provided a wide view on the IT-field. When you are working for a long time in the same position in a company it is difficult to see what else is happening there, added Raimo. – Also the academic skills obtained in this program are for sure valuable in future projects.

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