Clinical Expertise, Master's Programme

The university of applied sciences Master's degree is designed for people who already have some experience in the working life. The studies provide a possibility to deepen and expand their specialised knowledge and develop themselves professionally. The studies are intended for those who have completed a polytechnic degree in Health Care and Social Services or an applicable university degree with at least three years' work experience in the field of study.

This master's degree programme focuses on the development of versatile and advanced clinical expertise which may be utilised in diverse settings in the health care field.

The core competence of the degree programme consists of health care studies focusing on clinical expertise, research-oriented development competence, master's thesis and elective studies supporting clinical expertise.


The objective of the studies is to provide students:

  • in-depth view of the specific field in question, its position in the workplace environment and social significance
  • the ability to apprehend and follow up research knowledge and development of professional practices in one's own field
  • vast and detailed knowledge of the field to develop the work environment
  • the necessary theoretical knowledge to enable working in expert and leadership positions
  • the ability to embrace life-long learning and constant development of one's own professionalism
  • communication and language skills required in work life
  • readiness for international interaction and professional activities

Structure and implementation of the studies

Teaching is provided in the form of blended learning composed of at least contact teaching and online instruction, as well as various development tasks which involve personal research and analysis and are carried out in working life. Conducted in a project-like manner, the studies consist of development and learning assignments that usually relate to the challenges of the student's own work organization.

Assignments and the final project can also be integrated into Metropolia's joint research and development projects. During the studies, students have the opportunity to take advantage of Metropolia's Finnish and international cooperation networks whenever possible.

Contact information

Jukka Kesänen
Head of Degree Programme
tel. +358 40 630 3637
jukka.kesanen [at] (jukka[dot]kesanen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)