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Sports Activitivities and Facilities

The sports services organised by Zone, are open for all students and staff members of Metropolia. 

Zone provides possibilities in exercising in instructed sports or in Sports Pass classes, reserved shifts or gyms. Furthermore, the MetroSport event provides students with an opportunity to start their studies with a laid-back and action packed day.

MetroSport, Sports and Student Welfare Day

Metropolia’s sports day, MetroSport, is held in September. During the day you can try out more than 30 different sports, get to know Zone's sports selection and enjoy the performances and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in competing you can gather a team and take part in different tournaments. More information about the event can be found later on the MetroSport website.

Sports Schedule and Classes

You can find the latest information about Zone sports services on the Zone's website. The sports schedule is published always at the beginning of the semester.

Sports Classes are held during the semesters on different campuses. Sports class selection includes fitness kick boxing, Latin Dance, acrobatics, afro dance, yoga & pilates, water fitness and wall climbing. There is a registration and a fee for each course.

Gyms and Bookable Shifts Just For You

Some of the sports facilities have been reserved for practising sports on your own. During the free shifts there is no teaching or coaches but you can play freely with your friends. You can practice different sports such as floorball, basketball, futsal and badminton. You can see the shifts on the schedule on the Zone's website.

With the sports pass you are also able to use Metropolia's gyms. You can also buy a separate gym pass if you don't want to use the other services Zone offers.

Teams, Leagues and Competitive Sports

Put a team together with your school buddies and join the league! 

You can build a team and take part in the Finnish Championship (SM) for students. There is also a possibility to get financial assistance from METKA for the entry fee. If travelling, new countries and experiences ‘make you tick’, then why not take part in the international SELL GAMES sports contest for students! SELL GAMES is a sports contest for students arranged by Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. SELL GAMES contest is an excellent opportunity to represent Finland and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and also to meet students from different countries. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to be able to come and join the relaxed atmosphere together with other students!

Contact Information for Sports

See updated and new information on the Zone's website.

Leisure and Other Fun Activities

The Student Union METKA arranges a lot of activities to make the period of studies better and to improve wellbeing. In practice this means that in addition to supervision of the interests of students, METKA arranges for example excursions, short trips, hobby groups, and lectures. METKA also supports students’ own clubs. One of the most important events is METKA’s Wellness Week in September. For more detailed information, please see the METKA website.

Students’ Clubs

Would you be interested in spending some time between your studies by doing something fun? Would you like to meet other people that have the same interests as you? If you and your friends have any kind of a club with a purpose such as acting, wall climbing, cooking, hiking, singing, carting or something else, you can get support from METKA.

METKA helps clubs by offering information, arranging facilities, lending a computer, phone and copy machine, helping in administration and supporting financially. If you are interested in getting support for your club, you can find further information about founding a club on METKA's website.

Wellness Week

During the Wellness Week you can familiarise yourself with different wellness services and organisations that provide those services. There will also be different kind of wellness related activities during the event. The Wellness Week takes place between 8th and 14th of September and it culminates to the MetroSport event on 16th of September.

Other Events

METKA also organises short trips such as an excursion to Nuuksio in the spring. There are also group activities that METKA organises. These groups can be for example about improvisation, cooking, photography, etc. The groups are mostly in Finnish.

ESN Metropolia

ESN Metropolia is part of the international Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN Metropolia organises different kinds of activities for international and Finnish students: events, excursions, trips, cultural activities etc. The trips include for instance visits to St. Petersburg, Lapland, Tallinn and Stockholm. The planned activities change yearly.

Please refer to the ESN Metropolia website for further information.

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