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Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (METKA)

METKA is the student union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. It functions as a bridge between the students and Metropolia.

Every degree student can join the student union. Once you have become a member of METKA, you get a Samok or a Lyyra student card, which provides you with a variety of discounts and benefits.

What is METKA for?

The student union

  • oversees the quality of teaching
  • takes care of the well-being of the students, coordinates tutoring, organizes international projects and cooperation
  • advises in difficult situations

METKA is an important part of the university community, in which you can participate

Some of METKA’s tasks

  • to ensure that students are treated equally as members of the university community
  • to make sure that the students’ voice is heard not only within the university but also in the Helsinki region as well as on a national level
  • METKA has a student advocate, who advices whenever students feel treated wrongly
  • harassment contact persons help if you have experienced ill treatment or harassment

METKA is responsible for the student tutoring in Metropolia. In all the programmes there are tutors who help the new students get started with their studies and student life as well as organise free-time activities and meetings for them. METKA also arranges international tutoring for exchange students and makes sure the exchange students feel at home by assisting them and by organising different happenings.

METKA also arranges Metropolia's sports services. Students can join instructed sports classes, visit the gyms or play badminton, futsal, floorball and other games on their own.

On the Myllypuro campus there are also METKA's student service's cafes, which offer reasonably priced and delicious services for students.

Who Are We?

The daily activities in METKA are handled by the board compiled of Metropolia students. In addition to this, METKA has nine employees, who support the board in its work and act as experts.

The work of the board is supervised by the 25-member student parliament which is elected each year by students and is also made up of Metropolia students. The parliament elects the members of the board, creates the outlines for the student union, decides of the membership fee and chooses the student representatives for Metropolia’s administration.

All students of Metropolia are welcome to join in METKA’s activities. Whether it is by being a part of the parliament, board, tutoring or by being a student representative - options are many. Or you can simply drop by the office to meet people! The student union organises regular committees open to everyone where upcoming events, regarding for example sports or student interests, are discussed and planned.

Contact METKA if

  • you want information about student events or clubs
  • you feel that you have been treated wrong within the university
  • you have new ideas or thoughts

Contact Information

METKA's Office
Student interest promotion, educational affairs.
E-mail metka [at]

METKA's web page

Street address:
Hämeentie 161 (classroom h008)

METKA M-piste (Member Service Point)

Student cards, ESN-cards, sports passes and tickets for METKA's parties are all handled at M-Piste.

  • Leiritie Campus, Myyrmäki, A-building
  • Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 D, 2nd floor