Information for Parents

Metropolia’s friendly and highly skilled staff helps the student at every step from the application process itself until the graduation.

The new students receive plenty of support from university personnel as well as from their peer tutors. We provide academic counselling and tutoring services, and our aim is to take good care of our international students and provide accurate information at every step.

However, you also as a parent play a significant role. During the application phase, encourage and assist your young adult with gathering all the necessary information that will help the decision-making.

Top five tips:

  1. Start research early – there are multiple options available. Browse through degree programmes to figure out what would the applicant enjoy or be interested in. Get to know our modern campuses and what kind of learning facilities they offer.
  2. Know the deadlines.
  3. Check entry requirements.
  4. Get in touch with the faculty or admissions staff in case of doubt.
  5. Understand student finance – so they can make the best arrangements to fund their studies. The average cost of living in the capital area in Finland is approximately 800 euros per month. Our scholarship system supports the ones motivated in learning Finnish language.

Although you can browse the websites together, encouraging independence is key in this transitional phase.

The emotional support family members offer can greatly assist the student’s transition to university life.