Nishanie Reckermann

"When I was deciding on where to apply, Finland was very attractive to me mainly because of its reputed excellence in education. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love kids. I hope that one day I will end up working in the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki."

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Profile picture Nishanie Reckerman.Who are you and what are you studying?

Hey! Moikka!

I am Nishanie Reckerman (Nishy for short). I am a Sri Lankan, however I have lived most of my life in Dubai. In Finland, I am currently studying Nursing at the Myllypuro campus of Metropolia UAS. I started my course online in January 2023, and moved to Finland in April 2023, and I am currently in my second semester. I moved here with my family – my spouse and two wonderful children.

How did you end up studying Nursing? What is your dream career?

When I was deciding on where to apply, Finland was very attractive to me mainly because of its reputed excellence in education – a factor that I believe benefits me, as well as my children. Also, being the ‘Happiest country in the world’ was a major perk! So, when the application period for January 2023 opened in September 2022, I applied to a few UAS’s, and selected Metropolia UAS. The main reasons for this is because it is located in the Helsinki, it is the largest UAS in Finland, and due to the fact that it has one of the best Healthcare simulation centers in Europe.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love kids. I like to work with them, act silly with them, listen to them and just be there for them. I am really interested in Paediatrics, so I would love to work in that department. In the summer, I discovered the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, and wow, oh wow! I simply love the place, and I hope that one day I will end up working there. That is the dream, at least for now!

What inspires you in your studies in Metropolia?

The campus I study in is the Myllypuro campus, and from the minute I saw it, I was in love with the place. I simply love the architecture and how modern it is. The innovation and the facilities at the campus are top notch! The classrooms are spacious, bright, and well equipped with everything you need for a class or lecture. The group and individual workspaces really promote learning. There is a space for whatever your personality requires – whether you like studying at a table or lounging on a bean bag! It is not all about learning though. There is an amazing sports and gym facility, group exercise and dance classes, as well as fun stress-relieving activities around the campus, such as the fooz-ball table on the 5th floor!

What is your favorite place in campus? How about in Helsinki?

That is a tough one, as there are so many great places around campus, depending on your mood and what you seek for that day. However, any day, anytime, I really love the sun terrace on the top floor. It gives such a beautiful view of Helsinki far off the distance, plus you can see the trams pass by every few minutes. I feel very relaxed and at peace whenever I am there. Just lounge on a chair, listen to some music, and feel the stress fade away! (Perhaps, take a blanket along with you in the winter)

I have only been in Finland for a few months, but from all the places I have visited, from beaches, to parks, to malls, and to forests, I would say that my favorite place is the Oodi Library. That is a place where you and your entire family can spend the whole day. My family and I generally use the Game room, where we play Mario Kart. We also love the Karaoke room and the Children’s section. I am hoping to restart learning the Piano - again, something that I can do at Oodi, without having to buy a piano for my home!

What do you do in your free time?

I have two young children, so in my free time, I am mostly with them. During the spring and summer, we like to visit playgrounds, go for walks in the forest, cycling, picking blueberries, and visiting farms. I am looking forward to winter, so we can start ice-skating, and possibly learn how to snow board!

When I have time to myself, I enjoy reading, listening to music, making song covers with my husband, dancing and watching funny TikToks until I am laughing so much that I cry!!! Hahah!

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