Metropolia's Student Ambassadors 2023 - 2024

Get to know our student ambassadors and read their stories about studying in Metropolia. Our student ambassadors are active, approachable and enthusiastic degree programme students students who make their voices heard in our communication.

Our student ambassadors regularly visit events, secondary schools or webinars to share their experiences of studying at Metropolia. Would you like one of them to introduce Metropolia to your institution? Invite a student ambassador to come and tell you what it's like to study at Metropolia and what you should know about our multidisciplinary higher education community.

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What is it like to study at Metropolia UAS? How does student life or housing look like in the capital region of Helsinki? Chat with our student ambassadors to find more about studies at Metropoila and living in Finland.

At this time you can book a chat time with four of our ambassadors:

Jasper Hernandez, Industrial Management

Nishanie Reckermann, Nursing

Reza Nabizada, Civil Engineering

Viswak Ramesh, Information Technology

Please see their profiles below.

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Get to know our ambassadors through their stories

Business Administration
James Penalosa

Kasvokuva James Penalosa

"My dream career would be something that I could contribute back to the society. It would be nice to fundraise something for a humanitarian cause and that would spark a humble inspiration for others to emulate."

Read James's whole story.

Industrial Management
Jasper Hernandez

Profile picture Jasper Hernandez.

"I decided to pursue a Master's degree because I want to enhance my skills and further my career. While I already work in an industry I love, I want to specialize in sustainability and the circular economy, which are essential for creating innovative and efficient solutions in the built environment and related industries."

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Nishanie Reckermann

Profile picture Nishanie Reckermann.

"When I was deciding on where to apply, Finland was very attractive to me mainly because of its reputed excellence in education. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love kids. I hope that one day I will end up working in the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki."

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Konstantinos Chatzopoulos

Profile picture Konstantinos Chatzopoulos.

"Because of my previous work experience, I had to deal with various technical and, especially, electrical issues. Back then, I took the initiative to look into electronics, and I developed a strong interest in them."

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European Business Administration
Ekaterina Kuznetcova

Profile picture Ekaterina Kuznetcova.

"I chose to study at European Business Administration, because I have a passion for entrepreneurship and one day, I want to start my own company. I'm especially drawn to Europe, which is why I didn't opt for an International Business Degree, as it seemed too broad for my interests."

Read Ekaterina's whole story.

Information Technology
Viswak Ramesh

Profile picture Viswak Ggautham.

"I chose IT because I feel it is the future, with almost everything around us being automated I felt that it would be a good option for a fruitful career. I chose to study at Metropolia because it is the largest university of applied sciences in Finland and has an amazing curriculum structure with a lot of practical learning involved."

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Business Administration
Catherine Gallego

Profile picture Catherine Gallego.

"The financial side of business has always piqued my interest and I believe these studies will guide me to the right direction of possibly becoming an entrepreneur. And what other place than around fellow business students can I find like minded people!"

Read Catherine's whole story.

Social Services
Anni Lipsanen

Kasvokuva Anni Lipsanen.

"I heard from one of my friends, that one way of becoming a psychologist was to study social sciences first, so that’s what I did. After the first two years of studying in Metropolia I knew that I didn’t want to pursue psychology as a career anymore, and that I had found my purpose in social services."

Read Anni's whole story.

Business Informatics
Joan Cruz

Profile picture Joan Cruz.

"Choosing Metropolia proved to be a great choice for higher education studies. An inclusive climate is fostered by the diverse student body and university personnel, which is crucial for any overseas student."

Read Joan's whole story.

Angela Baluyot

Profile picture Angela Baluyot.

"I applied for Nursing because I have always known that I want to work in the healthcare field. I heard a lot of good things about Metropolia while I was applying and the cherry on top was that I really like the beautiful campus and it is easily accessible."

Read Angela's whole story.

Tong Li

Profile picture Tong Li.

"I began my studies in January as part of the TOKASA program. I was drawn to it because we get to dive into real clinical practice right from the first semester. This program supports me in studying Finnish, which is essential for working in real-life situations in Finland."

Read Tong's whole story.

Business Informatics
Asia Volkova

Profile picture Asia Volkova.

"Prior to applying, I had been working in the IT industry for a couple of years and realized that I would like to enhance my personal and professional development by pursing a Master’s degree. The mode of the studies has been organized in a very suitable way to combine with work life."

Read Asia's whole story.

Negin Yousefi

Profile picture Negin Yousefi.

"I applied for my Electronic Engineering program with the aspiration to delve into the intricacies of technology. I aspire to innovate, create, and lead projects that address real-world challenges and make a meaningful impact on society through technological advancements."

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Civil Engineering
Reza Nabizada

Kasvokuva Reza Nabizada.

"I have always been fascinated by construction and have always appreciated engineering, especially in construction. I decided to study civil engineering, and I have found that it is a versatile field that appeals to me greatly."

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