Occupational Therapy, Bachelor's Degree

Occupational Therapists graduating from the degree programme help their customers function in their living environment and deal with everyday challenges when their lives have changed dramatically and their situation calls for the help of an expert.

Objectives of the degree programme

The studies help Occupational Therapists develop into experts in up-to-date health promotion and rehabilitation. They recognise the development needs of professional life and are able to address them. Occupational Therapy students participate in multidisciplinary cooperation at the polytechnic and in working life. International themes relate strongly to the Occupational Therapist's studies.

Theory and practice are integrated together in the curriculum. The central themes in occupational therapy are: the customer, activities, the environment, the conscious use of the self, the therapeutic process, professional competence and development work in occupational therapy. The curriculum of the degree programme follows the national and international guidelines of the field.

The Occupational Therapist's job and tasks

Occupational therapy is rehabilitative work that originates from the customer's resources and promotes well-being and health. When working with customers, Occupational Therapists acknowledge the customer's right to self-determination and his or her responsibility and equality as a partner. The main working tools are the therapeutic use of activities and the Occupational Therapist's own personality. Occupational Therapists' specialist expertise lies in the observation of practical activity situations and the analysis and influencing of factors affecting the success of activities.

The objective of occupational therapy is to enable the customer to participate in daily activities important to him or her. The therapy starts with a holistic evaluation of a customer’s functioning abilities using methods researched in Finland and worldwide. This evaluation is used as a basis for drawing up a plan for the promotion of rehabilitation with the customer.

Occupational therapy utilises activities that the customer considers important, purposeful and suitably challenging. Therapy processes carried out with individuals or groups explore and utilise activities with which customers, despite their restrictions, may find and control the means to care for themselves, interact with others, work, study, play and enjoy their spare time in a rewarding way. Participation in activities can also be promoted by being active in society and by planning and altering one's environment.

Job placement

Occupational Therapists are highly trained experts in rehabilitation who work in multidisciplinary teams, and usually find jobs with the offices of social welfare and health departments, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools, day care centres and special care districts. Occupational Therapists are increasingly working with the third sector in various development and project-based tasks and as entrepreneurs.

Contact information

Jasu Forss
Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +358 50 309 0933
jasu.forss [at] metropolia.fi (jasu[dot]forss[at]metropolia[dot]fi)