Radiography and Radiotherapy, Bachelor's Degree

The Radiographer acts as an expert when the patient undergoes medical imaging examinations and procedures or receives radiotherapy. In radiology and radiotherapy units, the Radiographer assumes joint responsibility for patient care.

Characteristics required by the training

  • An ability to carry out clinical procedures.
  • Optimal use of medical imaging and radiotherapy methods
  • Good information technology, communication and automation technology skills
  • Ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, physics and medical technology. The profession demands competence in the use of cutting-edge technology.
  • An ability for decision-making based on multidisciplinary knowledge, the purpose of which is the customer's health and well-being.
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • People-friendly attitude
  • Since contact with the patient is typically short, it is important that Radiographer is people-friendly.
  • New discoveries concerning the knowledge needed in the profession are made all the time, which means that Radiographers must update their professional skills and have an ability to live amid constant change.

Teaching methods

The purpose of the training is to teach the student the necessary skills to become competent in radiography, radiotherapy, the use of radiation for medical purposes and quality control. Student will be able to follow developments in the field and to see their professional expertise in relation to changes in society, the social and welfare sector and radiography and radiotherapy.

The studies focus on practical working life needs, international issues and future challenges, and a reflective, critical and research-oriented approach, which requires practical skills in research and development. Students plan and develop their professional expertise by means of individual study plans (ISPs).

The studies are composed of contact teaching and guidance, independent learning and practical training at workplaces. Part of the studies will be completed online and in different projects with working life. Practical training is carried in various radiology and radiotherapy units.

Contact information

Sanna Törnroos
Head of Degree Programme
tel. +358406301224
sanna.tornroos [at] (sanna[dot]tornroos[at]metropolia[dot]fi)