Osteopathy, Bachelor's Degree

Degree Programme in Osteopathy in Finnish

Osteopaths examine people of different ages and safely use diverse manual techniques when treating patients. Osteopathic treatment typically involves gentle manual techniques, which take the functions of the joints into account.

Objectives of the degree programme

The training aims to develop osteopathic examination, treatment skills and to enable continuous professional development.

Students internalise the general ethical view on treatment within health care and are aware of key legislation relating to health care practice. The objective is for students to be capable of constructive cooperation with other health care professionals and of developing their own professional field at work. The studies furthermore aim to provide thorough knowledge of the functions of the human body and the musculoskeletal system and to develop good palpation skills.

Students learn different procedures for examining and diagnosing functional musculoskeletal disorders and become aware of relevant differential diagnostics. Osteopaths’ key professional competence covers detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and different pathological processes of the musculoskeletal system. Osteopaths also learn basic knowledge and techniques of visceral and cranial osteopathy. This competence is based on studies in anatomy, physiology and pathology focusing on the viscera and cranium.

Characteristics required by the training

Future Osteopaths are expected to be interested in human wellbeing in a holistic way. Osteopaths see the human as a psychosomatic whole and is adapt at making close contact and communicating sensitively with the patient in a treatment situation. Active and independent personality is helpful when working as self-employed person.

The profession and its tasks

Osteopaths are specialists in the clinical examination and manual treatment of the human musculoskeletal system and its functions.

Osteopaths work as private practitioners in their own place or in private doctor´s office or at rehabilitation centers. Osteopaths treat patients of all ages suffering from functional musculoskeletal diseases. Reception typically consists careful interview from symptoms, examination of the problem area and treatment. Follow-up treatment often comprises the instruction of customers in posture, stabilization, coordination and muscle power exercises and health education.

Osteopathy is based on manual diagnostics and the development of therapy, which have been practiced for over a century.

The curriculum follows Finnish and international guidelines for the training of Osteopaths.

Our international partners and activities

The Degree Programme in Osteopathy collaborates intensively within the Osteopathic European Academic Network OsEAN and its various member schools. Students have the opportunity to apply for one week long exchange visits at the member schools, and we welcome students from the member schools during the annual International Week, which is usually held in March.

We encourage our students to participate in international exchanges and conferences, and every course traditionally visits the European School of Osteopathy ESO in Maidstone during their third year of study.

Erasmus partners

The Degree Programme in Osteopathy has the agreements with the following Erasmus partner institutions:

We engage in teacher and student exchanges. Students do have the possibility to apply for exchanges.

Student teaching clinic

Our students practise in the HyMy-village Wellbeing and Healthcare services student clinic at Myllypuro Campus. Students are in clinic under the supervision of teachers during a period of two years of study.

Contact information

Questions related to exchanges, visits and post graduate courses:

Sandra Rinne
Head of Osteopathy
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sandra.rinne [at] metropolia.fi (sandra[dot]rinne[at]metropolia[dot]fi)


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