Public Health Nursing, Bachelor's Degree

Public health nurses are professionals in public health and health promotion who come into contact with customers of various ages and in different life situations.

Public health nurses promote public health in maternity and child welfare clinics, school and student healthcare, occupational health care and home care. They may also work in various associations, organisations, educational and project positions and as entrepreneurs. Public health nurses take part in the identification, early intervention and prevention of their customers' health risks and illnesses, treatment of illnesses and the development of a health environment.

The most rewarding and challenging part of a public health nurse's work is its wide scope, versatility and responsibility and the changing challenges both in terms of people's health and social phenomena. A public health nurse must have a solid theoretical foundation compounded with practical skills. Independent decision-making, good interaction skills and an ability to appreciate customers' life situations also play an important role.

Comprehensive studies

The studies consist of theory, independent and multiform study and supervised training. The training consists of 240 credit points (4 years), of which 100 credit points accumulate under supervised practical training in various types of public health nursing environments. Public health nursing skills also are developed during the studies in a variety of learning environments, such as health promotion, digital learning and simulation learning environments.

Annually some 70 public health nurses graduate from Metropolia, having good knowledge and skills in health promotion. The students will learn to use and apply health promotion methods, to apply what they have learned in a variety of operating environments and to develop their field in regional, national as well as international partner networks.

Good job opportunities in the capital region

Public health nursing students receive two degree titles upon graduation: Public Health Nurse and Registered Nurse. This offers them good opportunities to work in both basic and special healthcare services. Our public-health nurse training is equivalent to other corresponding European and international degrees, making it easier to pursue international positions, too.

Future and development of public health nursing

The Public Health Nursing degree programme engages in wide cooperation with health centres, hospitals and clinics in the capital region. Partners include the National Institute for Health and Welfare and organisations such as the Finnish Heart Association, the Finnish Association for Mental Health and various trade unions. This cooperation is related to, for example, the development of public health nurse training, supervised training, final projects and publications and research, development and innovation.

Contact information

Sari Nyman
Head of Degree Programme
Sari.Nyman [at] (Sari[dot]Nyman[at]metropolia[dot]fi)