Nursing, Bachelor's Degree - Aimed at Immigrants

Study in bilingual Nursing programme and work in Finland!

Next application period 28 August - 11 September 2024.

Bachelor of Health Care
210 ECTS
3,5 years
Mode of studies
Free of charge: Applicants from EU/EEA, Annual tuition fee: 11 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants


Metropolia and Tampere University of Applied Sciences organize bilingual Nursing education targeted especially at immigrants.

Studies will begin in English without the Finnish language proficiency requirement. The role of Finnish as a language of instruction strengthens as language skills increase.

The Nursing education combines both diverse practical internships and strong theoretical skills. After graduation, you will be able to work in Finnish language in Finnish healthcare with excellent employment and career opportunities.

Bilingual Nursing studies

The purpose of the bilingual (English and Finnish) Nursing degree programme is to train nursing professionals, who are capable of working in health care services in Finland using the Finnish language. Applicants must have the minimum of B2 level in the English language (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to be accepted to the programme. There is no requirement for Finnish language skills.

In the beginning, the studies will mostly be conducted in English, with Finnish language teaching gradually taking over. Finnish language is integrated in the courses from the beginning of the studies. During the studies, the Finnish language skills are improved, and by the time of graduation, students will have reached the sufficient language proficiency in order to work in Finland as a nurse. In the curriculum, there are no elective studies other than Finnish language.

How will you study?

The studies combine practical skills with strong theoretical knowledge. To be able to help others, a nurse should be in good health and have the ability to function. As a nurse, you will plan, conduct and evaluate the care of patients together with the patient themselves and their next of kin. You will guide and advise patients. The job requires independent decision-making, as well as taking initiative and responsibility.

The studies highlight intercultural communication and operating in the environments of Finnish health care services. The studies require commitment and self-organization skills. The student must be motivated and committed to study Finnish in order to reach the required proficiency.

The studies consist of theoretical nursing studies, multidisciplinary studies, practical training and the final project (15 credits), which is usually carried out in workplace-oriented projects.

The study programme uses a variety of teaching techniques. The studies are mostly provided as contact teaching on campus, as simulation learning, and by training practical skills both independently and with other students. Some theoretical studies take place online.

On Myllypuro campus you will be studying in globally unique learning environments, including simulation spaces for an ambulance, emergency care and reception, midwifery, an operating room and intensive care. You also get to practice pharmacotherapy and nursing of children, etc.

See a 360 tour of our simulation spaces (in Finnish).

Clinical practice and final project

About one third (75 credits) of the programme consists of supervised practical trainings in various social and health care environments, with customer contact. The training periods are spread along the studies. Please note that supervised training in the respective unit may be in three shifts and can take place on the weekends.

The aim of the Bachelor's thesis (15 credits) is to develop your competence in the area of your choice, in cooperation with working life. With the final project, you will demonstrate putting your skills and knowledge in practice in tasks related to your professional studies. You will also have to follow ethical research principles at every stage of the project. As a rule, the final project is completed in the language of study.


You will be studying in a multicultural group, with English and Finnish as teaching languages. You will have the opportunity to participate in international activities such as projects and joint teaching by international partners. International student exchange is also a possibility.

The programme is organized by TOKASA project, which is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is run by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The action period is from January 2021 to December 2024.

Language proficiency requirements

The programme is conducted bilingually with English and Finnish. Applicants must have the minimum of B2 level in the English language. There is no Finnish language requirement when applying, but please note that a considerable part of the teaching will be conducted in Finnish, and by the time of graduation you should have reached the required skill level to be able to work in Finland as a nurse.

At the end of the studies, the students must demonstrate having reached the required language skills. You will be required to pass the intermediate level (levels 3 and 4) in the national certificate of language proficiency (YKI) test, with each test component passed with minimum grade of 3.

Read more on Valvira site.


The degree in Nursing is a Bachelor level degree. The programme meets the standards of the European Union Directive (2013/55/EU) on the recognition of professional qualifications, as well as the national criteria and European Qualifications Framework (EQF level 6) set for degree programmes.

Only certified professionals who have completed the appropriate degree may work as a registered nurse. Once students have completed their degree, they apply for the right to practice their profession from Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, according to the Act on Health Care Professionals (559/1994). Health care professionals are required to have the sufficient oral and written Finnish/Swedish language proficiency.

Good employment and further education opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in a wide range of positions in the health care field, working both independently and in multi-professional teams. You may find employment in primary health care, specialised nursing units or the private health care sector. In addition to these, the nurse’s degree will enable you to work as an expert or consultant, for a non-profit organization or in international duties.

Graduates are equipped to work in multicultural environments. The Finnish Nursing degree allows for the comparability of the degree and employability as a nurse in other EU countries. In case you wish to work outside the EU/EEA area, you need to check the country-specific qualification requirements upon graduation.

The Bachelor of Health Care degree gives you eligibility for Master's programmes in Finland and abroad. In Finland, further education can be for example in the fields of Health Care Management, Public Health or Nursing Science. There are also options for continuing education.

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  • Application period
    28.8.2024 at 08:00 - 11.9.2024 at 15:00
    Start of studies
    kevät 2025
    • Day-time studies

    Instructions for applying

    In the autumn 2024 joint application to higher education, you can apply to degree programmes that start in the spring of 2025. The application period starts on the 28 August 2024 at 8 am and ends on the 11 September 2024 at 3 pm (local time in Finland).

    All the information needed to apply can be found on the national portal. At you can find descriptions of degree programmes, application criteria, application instructions, application forms and much more.

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