Built environment process re-engineering (PRE) Research Program and BIMCity

The project is over.

During the last decades the fast development of ICT has strongly reformed the economy. In many industries the great proportion of recent growth in productivity has conjoined the applying of ICT.
Continually accelerating global cycles (e.g. the growing knowledge and power of end users, sustainability requirements and financial restrictions) are forcing the most public and private organizations to adapt to the great rate of change. Regardless of one’s industry all organizations need to change their business models, processes, organization – and workplaces.

The overall goal of the research program is:
Research program creates the means how the Real Estate and Construction (REC) cluster can serve as a new enabler of other industries’ growth and development by bringing solutions to manage, support and speed up the change that all industries are facing.

Research program searches the solutions how the end users changes their business models in the future. To be able to support the end users’ new business models and conjoining requirements REC cluster needs to renew and create new operations models to provide new ways of working and new built environments. To be equal to required new business logic the companies need to renew their value networks and reorganize their resources. This kind of systematic change calls for new management system and information management. That generates a need to manage, combine and transmit diverse information more efficiently. REC cluster has thus far been sluggish to adapt and utilize the possibilities brought by ICT. Now we examine the technological leapfrog enabling the change of business paradigm.

“Built Environment Process Re-engineering” is the first research program of the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation for Built Environment (RYM). The program realizes the RYM’s strategic research agenda through far-reaching, collaborative and multidisciplinary research work done jointly by companies, universities and research centres. The research work will be carried out by 36 industrial partners and 6 research partners; Metropolia Civil Engineering is one of them, attending to BIMCity work package.

The Built Environment Process Re-engineering (PRE) program is coordinated by RYM. The duration of the PRE is 3 years while the estimated research volume (both industrial research and academic research) is 21, 4 M Euros.

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Päivi Jäväjä
Principal Lecturer, Metropolia
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