CultureBridge Project

The project is over.

The project “CultureBridge” started a new development programme in the Department of Music at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in the spring of 2008. The CultureBridge joins four cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen) in a project that aims to develop new models for broadening the use of music and arts education. This project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the State Provincial Office of Southern Finland.


The abundant cultural life in these cities (numerous festivals, theatres, museums, orchestras, music schools etc.) still fails to reach many groups in the society. As a result of recent changes in the Finnish society (ageing population; growing number of children with special needs; migration and multiculturalism), there is an increased need to develop new means of reaching out to people that do not have the possibility or knowledge needed to benefit from the existing cultural activities. New models, based on an interaction with the working life, needs to be created for the training of musicians and music pedagogues in order to meet the needs of the changing professional roles.


  • The project reaches out to meet the artistic needs of the elderly for example in a co-operative model with the Helsinki City Theatre.
  • The bridge between the orchestra and the classroom is created in a co-operation with Tapiola Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra in Espoo.
  • The Music institute in Vantaa is developing a model, in which the elderly and children learn instrumental skills together in a group.
  • The multicultural nursery school-groups meet at the Helsinki City Museum by using arts integration and the benefit of also non-verbal artistic approaches.


The students in the department of music at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences are taking part in work life projects in a close contact with educational and cultural life in the area. The project aims at developing the education of instrumental teachers and the early childhood music teachers by both analyzing the specific skills needed and evaluating the possibilities of work life projects.

The Aims of The Project

  • to develop new means and models by making use of the enriching and empowering potential of arts as a source of both well-being and improved quality of life in the Finnish society
  • to develop higher education together with the work life; to use the tools of the participatory music education, dialogue and arts integration techniques in order to produce highly skilled music pedagogues in the future
  • to study the working methods by building fruitful surroundings where music and arts education meet the needs of each individual
  • to build models and examples showing how these aims can be realized in the four cities

Further information

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Laura Huhtinen-Hildén
MMus, Senior Lecturer in Music Education, Project Director
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