SDG4BIZ - Knowledge Alliance for Business Opportunity Recognition in SDGs

Need for SDG4BIZ Project

Knowledge Alliance for Business Opportunities in SDGs (SDG4BIZ) creates, tests and disseminates a curriculum and training material on recognizing and realizing the business opportunities in SDGs. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations are likely not met by the target year 2030, if companies do not recognize and utilize the business opportunities inherent in them. 380 million jobs would be created and €10 trillion in business opportunities would be unlocked if SDGs were realized by 2030. At the moment, companies are not able to utilize this growth potential and higher educational institutions (HEIs) do not adequately support the competence building of future managers and policy makers for solving the world’s most urgent problems. Current training efforts of SDGs focus on awareness building only, not business opportunity recognition and economic development related to SDGs. Thus, an innovative and scalable curriculum and training material is needed.

Target Groups

European Higher Education Institutions and companies

SDG4BIZ Piloting - How to participate?

We are happy to inform the launching of the piloting of SDG4BIZ Project modules in English and in Finnish.

Please register here for modules at Itslearning LMS.

Project Strategy and Objectives

The figure below summarises the strategy and methodology that will be adopted by the consortium to address the needs identified and to realise the foreseen the results. It incorporates eight partners in six countries, the solutions (curriculum, training material and innovative pedagogical solutions), business opportunities arising from the SDGs as well as links these to the European added values.

SDG4BIZ Project Strategy and Objectives are visualized in this figure.

The consortium will plan and create a multidisciplinary curriculum and training material with 5 modules, which increases the levels of teachers and company staff competencies on identifying and realizing business growth potential in areas of SDGs. The curriculum will be same for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and companies. The training material will be built with highly innovative pedagogical solutions that support mobile, micro-learning pedagogy and enhances knowledge dissemination. An innovative pedagogical solution is created targeting both European HEIs and companies and delivered via project partners’ viable learning platform.

The training addresses 60 most relevant business opportunities inherent in SDGs with 5 Modules:

  • shared value business opportunity recognition & specific opportunities in
  • food and agriculture,
  • cities,
  • energy and materials, and
  • health and well-being

During the SDG4BIZ project (until 2023), 80 % of teaching staff of partner HEI's (1500 teachers) have been trained and 115 companies have trained their staff.

SDG4BIZ 2nd International Seminar on Business Opportunity Recognition for SDGs

SDG4BIZ Erasmus+ Project International Seminar on Business Opportunity Recognition for SDGs will bring together representatives from various industries and sectors to disseminate the results of SDG4BIZ Erasmus+ project. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to network and learn from experts in the field. Register now and join us on Nov 15, 2023!

Pls, see the seminar programme and register now!

Are you interested in sustainability / entrepreneurship related topics?

The SDG4BIZ consortium has created Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for both company staff and Higher Education Institutes staff and students. It’s composed of 5 modules in English, Finnish and other languages. There are 5 separate modules covering different topics. Learners first complete the general module (1) and select another module that best matches their academic & business areas of interest:

  • Module 1: SDGs in Business Opportunity Recognition
  • Module 2: Business Opportunity Recognition in Food and Agriculture
  • Module 3: Business Opportunity Recognition Regarding Cities
  • Module 4: Business Opportunity Recognition in Energy, Materials and Industry
  • Module 5: Business Opportunity Recognition in Health and Wellbeing

You can self-register in the course via this online link.

Pls note that this course will be available at the current Learning Management System only until the end of 2023.  

Learn more about SDG4BIZ modules!

Business opportunity recognition in Sustainable Development Goals' Symposium 25.5.2022

Further Information

Visit SDG4BIZ Project website

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Contact Details

Hye Jung-Majanen
Project Manager
hye.jung-majanen [at] (hye[dot]jung-majanen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Laura Mattila
Project Specialist
laura.mattila [at] (laura[dot]mattila[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Call for Book Chapters: The SDGs and Entrepreneurship

"Knowledge Alliance for Business Opportunity Recognition in SDGs" Erasmus+ project will be accepting submissions for chapters for the book entitled "The SDGs and Entrepreneurship".

The SDG4BIZ book aims to assemble high-quality papers that explain, deepen and enhance the understanding of the potential and impact of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) on Business Opportunity Recognition for entrepreneurship and innovation management, as well as sustainable business and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The book is one of the outputs of Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project entitled “Knowledge Alliance for Business Opportunity Recognition in SDGs” which aims to create, test and disseminate a curriculum and training material on recognizing and realizing the business opportunities in SDGs.

Themes / Topics are following:

  • Shared Values in SDGs
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Cities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Technology, Energy, and Materials

Submission Process and Deadlines

Important dates
Submission Process and Deadlines for SDG4BIZ Book
Submission of the one-page introduction and plan of the chapter (See above Submission guidelines > Appendix 1 as a template)31 December 2022
Feedback from the Editors on acceptance of the book chapter15 January 2023
Full paper submission (see above Submission Guidelines > Appendix 2)10 April 2023
Feedback on revisions25 April 2023
Final submission of the chapters15 May 2023
Uploading the podcast of the book chapter22 May 2023
Publication of the SDG4BIZ Book15 June 2023
Publicity/Dissemination of the SDG4BIZ Book
During the CIBES Conference, with the special session of the SDG4BIZ European Seminar in Istanbul16-18 March 2023

Submission Guidelines

More information about the project and the guidelines for submission are available online.

    Interested in writing in the SDG4BIZ book? Pls contact SDG4BIZ Project Manager Hye Jung-Majanen, hye.jung-majanen [at] (hye[dot]jung-majanen[at]metropolia[dot]fi). The e-mail address for submissions is book.sdg4biz [at] (book[dot]sdg4biz[at]gmail[dot]com)

    Project Partners

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