SusTexEdu | Nordplus

Nordic and Baltic Educational Roadmap for Sustainability in the Textile and Clothing Sector

Project facts

SusTexEdu | Nordplus made pre-research for the Erasmus+ SusTexEdu project

SusTexEdu funded by Nordplus Horizontal investigated the higher education of textile materials, responsibility and circular economy and how the education answers to the requirements of sustainable development in working life and the EU's carbon neutrality goals in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In the project workshops held in each participating country, experts, teachers, students and working life representatives discussed, networked and analyzed the education. The aim was to obtain comparative information, perspectives and visions, mainly for the education of the textile and clothing, but other fields of design were also taken into account.

Data was collected for long-term development work. It provides a basis for in-depth research. The project draws up a roadmap for developing a model for RDI work and higher education in the Nordic and Baltic countries to meet current and future competence needs. The plan creates a basis and produces material for further development, which will take into account the needs of lifelong learning and the possibilities of accumulating and demonstrating competence when a student is moving from one level of education to another.

The idea was to extend the network to other EU countries. Erasmus+ SusTexEdu project with larger consortium started in the summer 2022. The results, visions and data obtained, have been utilized in that new project.

The results of the project

The results of the project were presented in the final webinar 24.8.2022. Below links to the presentation of the project in the seminar and to the final report of the project and its results published in September 2022:

SusTexEdu 2022 event at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences