Augmented Urbans



Augmented Urbans aims at making often complex urban planning processes and scenarios easier to understand by visualizing them with novel extended reality technologies. The project also aims to improve stakeholder participation and linkage between the long-term visions and short-term actions in the cities for enhancing urban resilience.


The project will result in five integrated urban plans produced in Helsinki, Tallinn, Gävle, Cesis and Viimsi in collaboration with local stakeholders. New, augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies (AR, VR & MR) are explored and utilized as tools to support urban planning processes in guiding discussions, and providing immersive scenarios.


The project is a joint cooperation venture of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland | City of Helsinki, Finland | City of Tallinn, Estonia | Gavlegårdarna, Sweden | Municipality of Cesis, Latvia | Municipality of Viimsi, Estonia | Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden | Riga Planning Region, Latvia | University of Gävle, Sweden | University of Tallinn, Estonia


Total budget: 2,02 MEUR with 1,59 MEUR from the European Regional Development Fund



More information:

Päivi Keränen, Project Manager

paivi.keranen (at)

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @augmentedurbans