Metropolia's 10th anniversary


Metropolia UAS has been operating under the name Metropolia for 10 years. We will celebrate the 10th anniversary with the students, the staff and the stakeholders of Metropolia on Tuesday, 18th September, 2-5 p.m. The event takes place simultaneously on our four campuses at Arabia, Leppävaara, Myllypuro and Myyrmäki.

Here you may read the most recent news and updates regarding the celebration. We will update the info regularly.

You may find Metropolia's 10th anniversary from social media with #metropolia10.

The programme

We'll update the info regularly. Changes may occur.



When is the celebration?

The celebration takes place on Tuesday, 18th September, 2-5 p.m. on every campuses informed.

Where is the celebration?

Arabian kampus, Hämeentie 135 D, 00560 Helsinki
Leppävaaran kampus, Vanha Maantie 6, 02650 Espoo
Myyrmäen kampus, Leiritie 1, 01600 Vantaa
Myllypuron kampus, 00920 Helsinki

Who is invited?

The students, the staff and the stakeholders of Metropolia are all warmly welcome to the celebration.

To which of the events am I supposed to attend?

You are kindly asked to attend to the celebration of your present or future campus. For example, those students and staff, who are moving to Myllypuro in future, will attend the celebration on Myllypuro's campus. The stakeholders or those who don't know their future campus yet may choose the campus that they are the most interested in.

Muuta maailmaa kanssamme

Tule mukaan muutosta vauhdittavaan varainhankintakampanjaamme. Lahjoita euro, joka tukee yhteistä tulevaisuuttamme. Kiitos lahjoituksesta!

Student selection now published — Metropolia welcomes 3300 new students


The results of spring 2018 joint application have been published. This autumn 3300 new students begin their studies at Metropolia.
Metropolia had a total of around 24 000 applicants this spring. Over 3500 applications were submitted to Metropolia in the joint application for the degr...

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Students are interested in circular economy


Circular Economy has been a hot topic and the role of Circular Economy in business is growing. During the spring students from 3UAS - Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia Helsinki Metropolitan Universities of Applied Sciences, tackled the issue of circular economy and came up with different business m...

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The first Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated


The first four Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated today 25.5.2018 from Metropolia UAS. Ms Delexshana Thangavel, Mr Agneshian Priyanth Croos, Mr Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Pavan Akalanka Bandara and Ms Jalathge Samitha Sulochana layalath received their ...

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U!REKA Research Co-operation and Structure Strengthened


Members of the six participating European universities of applied sciences of the U!REKA Consortium (The Urban Research and Education Knowledge Alliance) met in Ghent in April 2018 to decide on research strategy and organizational structure of the alliance.
The Steering Committee of the U!REKA cons...

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Academic year culminates into graduation ceremonies

Around 2060 new professionals graduated from Metropolia in the spring term 2018. Over 1800 students have attained, or will attain Bachelor's degree and nearly 260 have completed a Master's degree.
Most of the graduates of the past academic year are from the fields of Health Care and Social Services and ...

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First self-driving bus in Helsinki to Scheduled Service operated by Metropolia

The driverless bus on public roads paves the way for regular automated bus service in Helsinki. A self-driving electric minibus supplied by NAVYA to the Helsinki RobobusLine accepted the first passengers on board on May 14, 2018, launched scheduled service in regular traffic on roads in the Kivikko distr...

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Edunation and Metropolia co-operate to accelerate international on demand education

The Finnish education export company Edunation and Metropolia have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the international on demand education.
Metropolia seeks growth by investing in international on demand education, where Edunation's role is to support and strengthen this activity in the target co...

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