Metropolia's corona guidelines

We will update this page with information on the impact of the corona epidemic on Metropolia's operations. More detailed instructions and guidelines for Metropolia's students and staff can be found on the Oma intranet's Corona info.

We actively follow the authorities' instructions regarding the coronavirus and, if necessary, change our operations accordingly.

Page updated 2.6.2022.

Operation at the campuses

Metropolia has four campuses in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Metropolia will return to campus-focused activities from February 14, 2022, with the goal of promoting the well-being of the entire university community and supporting community spirit.

We take into account the following health and safety instructions:

  • Visit the campus only when healthy

  • Keep safety distances

  • Take care of hand and cough hygiene.

Corona-safe activities on campuses are based on health safety guidelines and on Metropolia's new, well-equipped campuses, which have e.g. effective ventilation.

We encourage both staff and students to take both corona vaccination.

To a customer

Metropolia´s customer services operate in accordance with security arrangements.

In the operations of HyMy-Village, the mask recommendation for both customers and staff will continue until the end of the spring semester 2022.

Continuing education courses are conducted as contact teaching without any restrictions on the number of participants.

The operators who lease Metropolia's premises are responsible for complying with and communicating the health and safety guidelines.

To a student


From February 14th 2022 the method of teaching is determined in the most appropriate way on the basis of the learning objectives. Teaching on campuses will be increased. You can get more detailed information from your degree program.

Face masks and other protective equipment are still used in the field of Social Services and Health Care learning activities in situations where their use is required even under normal conditions.

Further information for students in OMA intranet.

International student and internship exchanges

Metropolia students’ international mobility periods are possible if the destination, travel restrictions in both countries and the corona situation allow. Both incoming and outgoing exchange students can contact the international coordinators on any issues related to their mobility.

In addition to long mobility periods of at least one semester, shorter international mobilities are also possible if considered feasible when taking into account the travel restrictions as well as the health and safety guidelines set by the authorities in both countries. When planning a mobility period, the traveler is responsible for checking the travel Instructions of the authorities and must be prepared for changes or cancellations. Students leaving for a mobility period must follow the instructions on health safety, travel and entry, take care of necessary documentation and check for any quarantine instructions or vaccination requirements for the destination.

Metropolia continues to ensure that incoming exchange students are fully informed and aware of the current health and safety guidelines set by the authorities as well as Metropolia to ensure a smooth and safe start to studies.

Metropolia follows the recommendations of the authorities regarding travel. The situation is monitored and both exchange students and partner universities are contacted and informed about the development of the situation.

Please see the contact information of International Relations

To a staff member

From February 14th 2022 we will return to flexible campus-focused work. Staff will continue to be offered the opportunity to work flexibly, guided by updated remote working guidelines. More detailed instructions can be found on the Oma intranet.

The staff members are informed about the instructions and policies in more detail, primarily on the Oma-intranet's Corona info.