Metropolia's Annual Report 2021

28.4.2022 - 12:00

At the turn of the year, Metropolia launched new strategy that guides boldly to take responsibility and to influence things regionally, nationally and globally. Metropolia aims to be a bold reformer of expertise and a builder of a sustainable future. The core of the strategy is made of lifelong learning and phenomenon-based innovation hubs. Sustainable development and growth and digitalisation guide Metropolia's operations at all levels. Metropolia’s strategic intent is to be a bold reformer of expertise and an active builder of a sustainable future.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has published its Annual Report 2021:

The annual report covers the reviews of the Chairman of the Board, Henri Kuitunen, and the President and CEO, Riitta Konkola, financial statements and graphics of the UAS’ key figures.

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Riitta Konkola
President and CEO

Myllypuro campus