Myllypuro Showroom Opening

12 Jun 2024
10.00 - 15.00

Free of charge

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Welcome to Myllypuro Showroom Opening

We will open the Myllypuro Showroom to the public on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. Mark the day in your calendar!

Wednesday June 12, 2024 10 am – 3 pm

Myllypuro Campus, Building C open space and Showroom MPC1001

What is Myllypuro Showroom?

Myllypuro Showroom is a new, innovative and dynamic space designed to promote knowledge and skills in the construction industry at Metropolia's Myllypuro campus. The showroom functions not only as a physical exhibition space for new technologies, methods and materials, but also as a virtual meeting place that connects different actors – students, teachers, research and development actors and companies – for common dialogue and cooperation. It is designed to support open learning, competence development and the creation of new, innovative business models in the construction industry.

​ Through the showroom, you can see concretely how Metropolia works as a bold reformer of know-how and a builder of a sustainable future, responding to changes in the operating environment and technological development.


Will be updated soon

Space is developed by Future Construction Hub project (TITAN) and Smart and Creative City Innovation Hub
in cooperation with other pioneers in the field.