The events in Ukraine and their effect on Metropolia's operations

Page updated 19.4.2022.

Metropolia condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine and expresses its support to Ukraine in a joint statement with ARENE.

Studying in Finland is still safe, and it is safe to come to study in Metropolia. You can read new's from Finland in English on This is Finland site.

Assistance to Ukrainian refugees

In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, universities and The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland offer services and study opportunities for Ukrainians. Read more about our services for Ukrainian refugees.

We co-operate in the form of fundraisers with the Ukrainian Association in Finland.

Support for Metropolians

Higher institutions' role is to advance and respect the equality and non-discrimination of their members. Metropolia does not allow any hate speech or discrimination. The entire university community must give special attention to meticulous behavior, speech, and communication.

In this challenging situation, we give special attention to the well-being of our students and staff.


If you are a student at Metropolia, you can contact study curators, study psychologists, and institutional priests. Their contact information can be found from Oma Intranet.

All students from Ukraine have been contacted personally, and they have been offered individual support. All exchange students have been contacted as well.

Metropolia complies with the authorities' traveling instructions and does not arrange any student exchanges to Russia or Belarus.


If you are a staff member of Metropolia, you can contact your supervisor or occupational health care. More info on Oma Intranet.

Metropolia complies with the authorities' traveling instructions and does not arrange any work travels to Russia or Belarus.

Cooperation between authorities

A management steering group closely follows Ukraine's situation, with Metropolia's President and CEO being the chairwoman. The steering group coordinates Metropolia's actions and guidelines, and is responsible for the cooperation between authorities and Metropolia's partners.