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In future, people in working life will need more and more teamworking and interaction skills. These skills will develop through the studies at Metropolia. At Metropolia we support an enriching and constructive student-oriented culture in diverse learning environments.

Expert in collaborative pedagogy

Our objective is to create a spark to make students become motivated, enthusiastic and to exceed themselves! Enthusiastic learners will develop their professional expertise and take responsibility for their own learning.

In Metropolia we believe in work-based collaborative learning and teaching in teams. Teaching is planned, implemented and assessed together.

Our goal is that the Metropolia Learning Track consists of holistic entities and challenging learning experiences supporting the development and professional growth of the learner. Learning at Metropolia is student-oriented, students being members of the collaborative team.

Reformer of learning

The rapidly changing world requires lifelong learning and continuous update of skills during the career. Our learning environments, learning objectives and teaching and assessment methods support high-quality learning, the development of expertise, and future work life skills.

Multiple teaching methods applied challenge the student to join the shared learning process. In the learning activities we utilise students’ expertise that they bring in.

We research and develop learning and teaching methods as well as our learning environments. At Metropolia, learning can be characterised by shared knowledge construction in groups and in national as well as international networks.

Experiential innovator

Our students learn through courageous trials and collaborative development. In addition to strong learning in the core disciplines, all the students participate in various multidisciplinary working groups and projects.

An example of this is the 10 ECTS Innovation projects in which services, methods or products are developed together with work life partners. Metropolia's objective is to develop learning activities and contents flexibly, utilising the expertise of stakeholders and collaborators.