Cross-Institutional Studies for Finnish Higher Education Students

Cross-institutional studies give you an opportunity to complete studies in another domestic higher education institution. Study flexibly and benefit of versatile learning opportunities from other higher education institutions as well!

What are Cross-institutional studies?

Cross-institutional studies give you a possibility to expand your learning opportunities by completing studies in another domestic higher education institution and to include them in your own degree.

In order to complete cross-institutional studies, you must have a valid study right at your home institution, and you must be registered as a attending student. Before enrolling, contact your study advisor to find out the available options for you and to approve the studies as part of your current studies at your home institution.

Cross-institutional studies are along with degree students, available for pathway students of open university of applied sciences as well as for incoming exchange students. The target group may however vary between offerings.

The right to study of cross-institutional studies and the study offering are based on agreements between higher education institutions. You will get a temporary study right at the destination institution for completing the cross-institutional studies you have been accepted to.

On this web page, you can find instructions for incoming cross-institutional study student to Metropolia UAS. If you are a student of Metropolia, check the outgoing student's instructions in the Study Guide of the OMA online service.

Currently happening

  • The cross-institutional study service has a maintenance break every first Tuesday of the month from 9 to 11 am. Brief interruptions may occur, for which the registration may not be possible.
  • The national cross-institutional study service will be introduced to Metropolia in stages during 2024.
  • Enroll for Metropolia's CampusOnline studies via Student´s desktop's PSP from 5th August 2024!

Cross-institutional study opportunities

It is great that you are interested in Metropolia UAS's course offering!

We offer versatile, network-specific offerings based on agreements between Metropolia UAS and other domestic higher education institutions. The cross-institutional study networks offerings often focus on a specific field of study.

Check our availability below!

Group work


3AMK is a higher education alliance of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, which offers numerous universities of applied sciences' own intensive courses in different fields, theme based individual courses and language courses for those who are interested.

Check availability on 3AMK website!

Happy students


CampusOnline portal offers online courses from more than 20 Finnish universities of applied sciences throughout the year. Studies are available in different scopes and fields, which you can choose the most interesting studies from.

Check all CampusOnline studies on their website!

Instructions for incoming students completing cross-institutional studies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Please read carefully instructions below:

Contact information

Student and Admission services
studentservices [at] (studentservices[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
p. 040 712 5100

Please check the opening hours of customer service on the website of Student and Admission Services.

In guestions regarding studies and evaluations please contact the teacher of the course.

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