Nursing, Bachelor's Degree

Nurses are experts in nursing practice who work with customers of different ages and deal with issues relating to their health, wellbeing and illnesses. Nurses provide guidance, support, treatment and rehabilitation to patients with various illnesses jointly with people close to the patients and with other professionals.

Graduate nurses have solid clinical skills and an ability to plan, carry out, assess and develop the nursing of patients and customers of different ages. Annually some 180 nurses graduate from our Finnish- and English-language degree programmes.

Our nursing degree is equivalent to other corresponding European and international degrees. The students will receive a multidisciplinary theoretical basis and an ability to apply the latest research into practice. They will also be able to assess and develop their own work and professionalism and the operation of their work community. One third of the education consists of practical training, most of which is carried out in various social welfare and health care nursing and operating environments.

The work they do brings them close to people, and it is versatile and rewarding. Nurses must have good interaction and customer service skills, empathy and an ability to work in teams with different kinds of people. Nurses are flexible, able to make decisions independently and take responsibility for their decisions. The work also requires good organising and coordination skills and an ability to work under stress.

Nurses work in, for example, hospital in-patient wards, out-patient or surgery wards, home care, various rehabilitation and nursing homes or clinics. They may also work in expert and consultation positions, for volunteer organisations or have international positions. Job prospects and opportunities for further study are good.

Contact information

Finnish degree programme

Elina Kettunen
Head of Degree Programme
tel. 040 662 5675
elina.kettunen [at] (elina[dot]kettunen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

English degree programme

Nea Lehtimäki
Head of Degree Programme
nea.lehtimaki [at] (nea[dot]lehtimaki[at]metropolia[dot]fi)