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Study on our courses for free!

In an effort to mitigate the social impacts of the coronavirus epidemic, we want to give those who are unemployed or furloughed the opportunity to develop their competence by offering them courses at the Open University of Applied Sciences free of charge.

The Open UAS offers courses in the fields of technology, business, culture and health care and social services, and more. The entire offering is now open and free of charge for those unemployed or on furlough until 31 December 2021. This free offer applies to studies that end by 31 December 2021.

Courses that are free of charge at the Open University of Applied Sciences

Registration instructions for courses that are free of charge

  • Free of charge for unemployed or furloughed
  • To register for courses free of charge, you must be unemployed or on furlough (and present a certificate to prove it) at the time of registration and on the date when the studies start.
  • You can authenticate your identity if you have online banking codes from a Finnish bank, a Mobile ID or the HAKA ID of another university. If you don’t use strong authentication (no online banking codes, Mobile ID or HAKA ID from another university), you can’t obtain a Metropolia username or start your studies before your identity has been verified.
  • Choose ‘invoice’ as the payment method. Don’t pay the course fee using your bank codes when you register.
  • After registering, please send us a TE Services' certificate proving that you are unemployed or furloughed within two days using secured email to avoinamk [at] You can find the instructions for sending secured email here
  • You can request a certificate of unemployment through the TE Services website (Oma asiointi). We accept following codes: 02 unemployed, 03 temporarily laid off, 07 covered by a service promoting employment, 08 in training.
  • After we receive your certificate, we won’t send you an invoice for the studies.
  • You can ask for additional information on registration by sending an email to avoinamk [at]
  • If you are completing studies that began in the autumn term in 2020 and will conclude in the autumn term in 2021 (by 31 December 2021), you can apply to be exempted from the fees for your studies retroactively. The condition for this is that you have been unemployed/furloughed since the studies began. Please contact avoinamk [at] and send us the documentation concerning your unemployment/furlough in accordance with the instructions above.

Open UAS: courses open to all that are free of charge

The latest information on the courses offered is available in the registration system.

Once you have accessed the registration system through the link above, select “Timing” on the left, then click “Free to choose” and enter the current day in the start date field and 31.12.2021 in the end date field.

Information and Communication Technology, NonStop virtual Studies

Free of charge NonStop virtual courses for unemployed and on furlough

Free of charge AMKoodari -training programme

AMKoodari is a great starting point for those who dream of becoming professional programmers, but the courses can also be taken by people looking to supplement their existing coding skills or change careers. It can also be used as employee training by companies. You can study full-time or on the side while you work. The training is geared towards people of all levels other than current university degree programme students.

Learn more about our courses here