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The objective of study guidance is to support learning and studying, professional growth and well-being of the student. The student is entitled to study guidance throughout his/her studies when needed, from admission to graduation.

Study Guidance

The objective of study guidance is to give the student the tools to integrate into the learning environment and work actively in the learning community, plan their studies, realise their studies according to a plan and manage their time.

Guidance for Professional Growth and Career Planning

The objective is to strengthen the professional identity of the student and to support the student in making sensible plans, choices and decisions regarding their education, studies and career. Personal study planning (PSP) is a professional development process encompassing the entire study path. The PSP process includes the RPL process (Recognition of Prior Learning): RPL gives the student an opportunity to make earlier learning visible and make the student able to apply for recognition of their prior learning no matter where and how this knowledge has been acquired.

Guidance for Personal Growth and Development

Personal growth is supported by reinforcing students' life management skills, self-knowledge and self-confidence. Well-being services aim at giving students the needed support and tools to increase well-being.

General Guidance

The aim is to give general guidance to the student in practical study-related matters and thus support a smooth progress of studies.

Steering, Counselling and Support Staff

Academic staff can give various types of support to the student throughout the studies.