Material for New Students: Construction and Real Estate Management


You have been accepted to the Master´s Degree programme in Construction and Real Estate Management (ConREM), jointly run by Metropolia UAS and Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW Berlin).

Below you can find more information on arrival and starting your studies at Metropolia. Read through carefully both the information package below and all the e-mails you´ll receive from us! We´ll send all the materials to the email address you have indicated in your application so please remember to check that email regularly.

Arrangements before studies

Please start all the necessary arrangements (such as residence permit, housing, insurance etc.) as soon as possible after receiving the acceptance letter (Admission notice) from HTW Berlin, so that you are able to commence your studies in the end of August 2023. You are able to apply for your residence permit and housing with your HTW Berlin Admission notice. Metropolia UAS won´t provide any additional acceptance letters.

Residence permit

Make sure to apply for a residence permit IMMEDIATELY through the Finnish Immigration Services It can take up to 6 months to obtain a permit, since it is often challenging to get an appointment from a Finnish embassy. It might take much longer than they officially state on the website. Please note, that your residence permit must be valid already on 30 August.

Having a valid health insurance cover with a reliable and solvent company or institution is obligatory for obtaining a residence permit. If you need to purchase a health insurance to Finland/Germany, please find possible companies from the Finnish Immigration Service website and check also the HTW Berlin website. Please note that the health insurance you choose must be adequate and correspond in its nature and scope to a statutory health insurance scheme in Germany. Please read more information on the ConREM website.

EU-citizens and those non-EU citizens who have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card): please remember to bring your EHIC with you. By presenting your EHIC, you will receive urgent medical treatment on the same terms and costs as the local residents. General information about EHIC and instructions for Finland.

Accepting the study place and enrollment for the academic year

Your enrollment as a ConREM student takes places in HTW Berlin, so direct all inquiries related to enrollment and HTW enrollment fees directly to HTW Berlin. You do not need to accept your study place and enroll as a present student separately to Metropolia since this has been taken care of by the ConREM personnel.


It is important to start searching for a room as soon as you have received your Admission notice. It is recommended to apply for housing simultaneously through various channels, both from private market and HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region). If you are applying housing from HOAS, you need to apply as soon you have received your Admission notice from HTW, since the acceptance letter cannot be older than 3 months. Please note, that Metropolia cannot offer assistance in finding accommodation from private market. You´ll receive more information on housing from your welcome letter.

Commencing your studies

Your studies will start on 31 August 2023 on Myllypuro campus. Please be prepared to arrive to Finland on 30 August at the latest. Please also bring your own laptop with you.

Your first year studies (1st and 2nd semester) will be conducted at Metropolia UAS and attendance is expected. Your second year studies (3rd semester) at HTW Berlin will start on 1 October 2024.

At Metropolia, there are two types of ConREM student groups:

  • Double-degree students: If you have indicated on your application that you have more than two years of post-Bachelor work experience in relevant fields, you can obtain a degree from both HTW Berlin and Metropolia. You will be considered as a double-degree student at Metropolia and have your study right at Metropolia for three Academic years. In addition, you will have student benefits such as student health care services FSHS (you still need a separate health insurance), longer residence permit with one application process, smoother application process for HSL etc.
  • Exchange students: If you do not have two years of post-Bachelor work experience, you will be receive a German Master’s degree title from HTW Berlin and will be considered as exchange students at Metropolia. Your study right at Metropolia will expire in the end of 2nd semester and your student benefits are limited in comparison to degree students.

You will receive your Metropolia welcome letter based on your student status. At HTW Berlin, you all will belong to one student group - degree students.

Please note, that your student status at Metropolia is determined based on your application documents and after the application period has closed, it is not possible to have your work experience re-evaluated and student status changed.

Activating your user account

In order to be able to use Metropolia’s IT services and email, you have to activate your account. You´ll receive more information on your user account during the summer 2023 by email. Follow those instructions and take care of the deadlines so you are able to start your studies in time. We expect that you have your user ID`s activated in the beginning of studies and we won´t change our presentations or teaching mode due to those who haven´t completed their activation on time.

Further information

If you have any questions concerning the start of your studies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your contact people are

Metropolia UAS:
Taru Korkalainen, ConREM Programme coordinator (arrival in Helsinki, start of studies at Metropolia UAS)

HTW Berlin:
HTW Student services, Faculty 2 (accepting your ConREM study place, fees at HTW Berlin)

NB! All the admission related issues (fees, documents, etc.) should be handled at HTW Student services, not with Metropolia personnel. Please also note that teachers are not responsible for admission, arrival and housing issues. All the official and updated information comes only from the above-mentioned personnel from their University email accounts ( or

Direct all inquiries relating to your Finnish residence permit to the Immigration Services.

We look forward to meeting you here!