Reza Nabizada

"I have always been fascinated by construction and have always appreciated engineering, especially in construction. I decided to study civil engineering, and I have found that it is a versatile field that appeals to me greatly."

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Kasvokuva Reza Nabizada.Who are you and what are you studying?

I am Reza Nabizada, and I was born in Afghanistan. I am currently an active student at Metropolia's Myllypuro campus, in my fourth year of a degree in Civil Engineering. Last autumn, I decided to specialise in structural engineering, which has sparked my passionate interest. I am now pursuing further studies in this area and aim to gain deeper expertise in the world of structural engineering.

How did you end up studying civil engineering? What is your dream job?

I chose my degree programme because of my deep interest in construction. I have been fascinated by construction since I was a child and have always appreciated engineering, especially in construction. During high school, I decided to apply for a dual degree in building services engineering, but found that HVAC engineering did not seem like the right career for me. Eventually I decided to study civil engineering, and I have found that it is a versatile field that appeals to me greatly.

I have already had the opportunity to work as a structural engineer in the workplace, and this practical experience has strengthened my decision. The job of a civil engineer is varied, demanding and involves solving interesting problems. My dream job is to design large, modern bridges. I hope to design beautiful and durable bridges, whether in Finland or abroad. I believe that this dream will allow me to make an impact and leave my mark on the world of construction.

What inspires you to study at Metropolia

Metropolia is a source of inspiration for me in many ways. Firstly, the institution's reputation for quality teaching and a hands-on approach has made a strong impression on me. Studying at Metropolia offers the opportunity to receive up-to-date and professionally relevant teaching. Secondly, Metropolia is a multicultural learning environment that allows interaction and learning with students from different cultures. This diversity opens up new perspectives and opportunities to learn from students from different backgrounds. Thirdly, Metropolia is located in Helsinki, which provides a great environment for studying and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and growing city. All these factors combine to create an inspiring environment that supports my studies and gives me the motivation to pursue my academic goals at Metropolia.

Your favourite place on campus? How about in Helsinki?

There are many favourite places on campus, but one of my favourites is the terrace of the café on the sixth floor, which offers a stunning view. I've spent many relaxing moments there with my classmates, enjoying coffee and lunch. My favourite place in Helsinki is Lammassaari, where I have often taken walks along the longitudinal trees. It offers a peace and tranquillity that is hard to describe in words. I fell in love with it at first sight. It is also possible to spot wonderful little birds on Lammassaari, which makes it an even more charming place for me.

What do you do in your spare time?

My hobbies are varied, but my particular favourites are bouldering and running. I love the challenge and testing my strength in climbing, and running along the seashore brings peace and refreshment to my everyday life. In summer I often head out into nature on my bike, and hiking and camping have become some of my favourite hobbies. My free time is often spent with friends and doing sports, and the Finnish sauna is an absolute place to relax. I also love reading books and I am an avid attendee of festivals and concerts, as music is a great passion of mine.

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