Learning Facilities

The comfortable and safe facilities of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offer a modern background for learning and personal development.

Metropolia's facilities are located in the central metropolitan area of Finland (the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) along the main public transport systems.

The central locations of the Metropolia campuses facilitate close cooperation with various industries, corporations and public organisations.

Metropolia campuses are currently in a phase of transition. By 2019 Metropolia will move on four campuses.

Facilities for Developing Forms of Learning

The oldest campuses were constructed in the 19th century and the newest in the beginning of the 21st century. Despite the buildings' range in age, all facilities represent the values of their time and have been equipped with modern technology. New forms of learning environments are constantly being developed.

The computers, data projectors, WiFi and network access points available throughout the Metropolia facilities offer tools for continually developing forms of learning and teaching.

The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, METKA arranges sports services for both students and staff in collaboration with Laurea and Haaga-Helia universities of applied sciences. Some of the Metropolia campuses have gyms and sport fields.

Facilities and Facilities Services

Currently Metropolia University of Applied Sciences consists of 19 facilities which encompass approximately 117 000 square meters (1 259 380 square feet).  The institution's facilities are located in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. In total the facilities serve 16 700 students and 1 000 teachers and members of staff.

Sustainable development is taken into account in the daily operations at Metropolia as well as in the facility services (e.g. sorting the debris, selection of cleaning supplies).

The spaces, facilities and facility services are coordinated by the Facilities Services unit which operates under the Finance and Administration department.

Faculty Locations

See: Contact Information of the campuses. HSL Journey Planner will help you to check the transport connections.

IT Services and Computers

Recommendation for a New Student's Laptop Purchase

New degree students can choose to purchase their own laptops for the studies.

Laptop computer minimum requirements:

  • Intel i5 processor (preferably 6/7 gen) or equivalent power processor
  • RAM 8 GB memory
  • SSD minimum 256 GB

The life cycle of the notebook should be at least four years.

The recommended laptop is expected to cost 600 € - 800 € and up. If the student has studies e.g. in the field of game industry or graphic design, it would be good to have a laptop with more powerful graphics and more SSD hard drive.

The recommended operating system depends on the orientation, but generally, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X are safe choices for a laptop operating system.

Up-to-date Infrastructure

Metropolia students and instructors use high quality workstations installed with broad selections of software to boost up study and work productivity.

Modern Cloud Services

Google’s and Microsoft’s new cloud services support time and place independent instruction and studying. The services are available to Metropolia students and staff. The Google service offers all students unlimited storage space.

Location-based Mobile Services

Metropolia has extensive wireless coverage and abundant mobile services. Ihana mobile service shows free class rooms, lunch menus, and more. The service utilizes location data and offers the user optimized and location dependent information. Ihana runs also on the touchscreen computers in the lobbies.

Collected Information on Student’s Desktop

Student’s Desktop makes study planning easier. Peppi, the instruction planning tool is used not only in Metropolia but also in many other Finnish universities.

Helpdesk Provides Quick Help

In IT matters Helpdesk’s Service Request System provides for quick help. User support provides local support on campuses when needed and is available in Helpdesk service points during open hours.

In urgency Helpdesk can also be reached via a phone service.

Additional information

The IT Services website offers IT related bulletins, news, instructions and guides: https://itservices.metropolia.fi

Students and Staff with Special Needs

Special Education and Support During Studies

Special education or guidance in studies may be needed, if some form of learning difficulties is suspected.

The most common form of learning difficulties is a difficulty of reading or writing, which is not caused by for example poor foreign language skills. Some forms of physical impairment, poor sight or hearing can also be linked to learning difficulties.

Every case of a student suffering from learning difficulties is unique.

Accessibility in Metropolia Facilities

Metropolia operates in 19 units in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The buildings originate from different eras, ranging from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century. The oldest properties are located in Helsinki. Particularly in the older buildings accessibility can vary significantly. Physically impaired persons might need to use alternative routes.

As a responsible tenant of the facilities, Metropolia develops accessibility in the units in cooperation with the owners of the properties. In order to secure accessibility, Metropolia carries out accessibility mappings in collaboration with national organisations such as The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. Metropolia students take part in the mapping together with representatives from different interest groups. The results and suggestions for improvement are used to support decision-making and further measures.

Metropolia does not have special facilities or services for students with a visual or hearing impairment.

Please note that Metropolia will move on four campuses by 2019 and this will have an effect on the accessibility of facilities.

Accessibility in Finland

Efforts have been made in Finland to take into account the interests and needs of disabled persons. This means ramped access and wide doors in many places and bathrooms accessible for disabled persons.

Airplanes, ferries and trains have wheelchair access and services, but it is recommended that you notify the personnel of your needs in advance, i.e. when booking the tickets.

Local transportation has low floor buses and trams marked on the timetables. There are taxis with wheelchair access (the so called InvaTaxi) and many hotels and hostels that have rooms designed for disabled persons.

Further Information

Should you need special assistance or facilities during your studies or visit at Metropolia, please contact:

  • New degree applicant: If you are considering applying to Metropolia as a degree student, please contact the Admissions Office
  • Current degree student: If you are currently studying at Metropolia as a degree student, please contact your teacher tutor, student advisor or a special education teacher. Individualised educational support arrangements can be applied with a particular form (see below the document Equal Metropolia). See further information also in the OMA intranet.
  • Exchange student: If you are considering applying to Metropolia as an exchange student, please contact the international coordinator of your field of study.

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