Logo Bank

Instructions for use of the Metropolia logo

Metropolia simplifies the use of the logo and the logo bank is updated. Read more in the section: layout options.

Layout options

From 1/2023, only one layout model (layout model S) is used.

Permitted and prohibited uses

Permitted uses

The orange logo is used on a white or very light background whenever possible. Any other background color for the colored logo is yellow.

The white or black logo may be used when the background is not appropriate for the orange logo.

Prohibited Uses

Resizing a logo can also easily change the dimensions of the logo. There are various ways to maintain proportions in design programs, such as pressing the shift key while resizing the symbol by dragging from an angle, or using numeric values ​​to set the magnification ratio of the x and y axes to be equal.

The colors of the logo may not be changed. The logo never has a shadow.

The Metropolia logo may not be included as part of a new logo. The logo may also not be modified or altered in any way.

Protection area, background and minimum size

Minimum sizes

  • Layout model S: the total width of the this version is at least 18 mm.

Logo background

The background of the logo must always be as uniform and patternless as possible. The logo can be placed on top of the image, but the part of the image below should be calm. The orange gray version of the logo is used on top of the light image part. The color of the background image must be light enough for the logo to stand out clearly from the background. A white version of the logo is used on top of the dark image. If necessary, the area under the logo must be modified so that the logo stands out well from the background.

Logo protection area

A protection area is defined for the logo. An empty area must to be left around the symbol in which direction. No other text or image may be placed in this area, except for separately agreed additional attributes.

  • Layout S: the protection area of ​​the logo version is half the height of the text section of the logo.

Use of language versions

Publications in Finnish

If you need a logo for a Finnish publication, use the Finnish version of the logo. Filter your search by clicking on Finnish for the language version.

Publications in English

If you need the logo for the English publication, use the English version of the logo. Filter your search by clicking on English for the language version. It is not permitted to use the Finnish version of the logo in publications published in English. The logo must be accompanied by the text University of Applied Sciences.

Different versions (Intented use)

Digital material

Click on Digital in filtering section to see the RGB versions of the logos as png files. These versions are suitable for use in digital materials.

Print material

Click on Print in filtering section to see the CMYK versions of the logos as pdf files. These versions are suitable for use in printable materials. Pdf files are saved in vector format and are indefinitely zoomable.

Logo filtering

Choose color version
Choose language version
Choose intended use

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