Enhancing Wellbeing Through Culture and Creativity

Ongoing projects


ERMIScom aspires to develop a common curriculum among involved Higher Education Institutions (HEI) aiming to enhance the efficacy of media courses to counter fake news and hate speech spread online on social media in order to facilitate the social integration and inclusion of vulnerable social groups.


The international Dig.Music project supports development and implementation of online courses in higher music education institutions in the Nordic & Baltic region. The project enhances faculty competences in online teaching by facilitating through workshops, external expert support and peer tutoring between the partner institutions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken large numbers of workers from workplaces to telecommuting from homes and summer cottages and tens of thousands of workers have been laid off without pay. The aim of the Lively project is to solve the problems related to the work environment and especially to the workers’ well-being and dedication to the work, work productivity, as well as responsible management with art-based, artistic and creative methods.

Completed projects

Höntsä - Bridge Ahead!

The project supports the social empowerment of young people aged 16-25 by providing equal opportunities leisure activities.

Hyvinvoinnin tilat

The ESF-funded project will transform vacant premises into open wellbeing centers. The activity stems from the history of the place, the needs of the area and the residents, as well as the operator's own strengths and needs.

Tämä elämä - gamified study guidance for upper secondary school

A key objective of the ESF project is to help young people of upper secondary age make good life choices when transitioning to secondary education. The project will create a mobile game that will allow the young person to test the consequences of their various choices.

Digisti yhdessä

The project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, creates and develops digitally implemented joint learning entities for music, dance and performing arts in universities of applied sciences, as well as a pedagogical operating model that serves the fields of art to support the construction of students' knowledge and skills.

Power of Film - Community Film Club

Project strives to find and develop new solutions to increase the communal and social capacity of unemployed people of immigrant and local origins living in eastern Helsinki region.


The coordinating project Osuma – Inclusive Finland increases and strengthens multi-professional networking and cooperation between educational institutions as well as public, private and third sector organisations working with youth and young adults.


Laura Huhtinen-Hilden

Laura Huhtinen-Hilden
Principal Lecturer, School of Cultural Services and Music, Contact person (Participation and Communality)
Laura.Huhtinen-Hilden [at] metropolia.fi (Laura[dot]Huhtinen-Hilden[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
+358 50 401 3469

Mona Roman.

Mona Roman
Innovation Director
mona.roman [at] metropolia.fi (mona[dot]roman[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 555 1044

Anna-Maria Vilkuna.

Anna-Maria Vilkuna
Director, RDI
anna-maria.vilkuna [at] metropolia.fi (anna-maria[dot]vilkuna[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 334 7929