SPAGU - Smart Space For Personal Guidance

The project is over.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences research unit Electria and Media Engineering unit has started a research project to develop a tracking and guidance system based on a simple tag and guidance given from the space around the user. The project is 21 months and has started in August 2011.

The target of this project is to develop a wireless indoor tracking and guidance system, where a person or a car carries only a simple tag and the guidance is given with different lights or displays in the surrounding space. In the project we use 2 different wireless locating systems, one is based on BT Low Energy and the other is based on dash7 active RFID tag. Plans for piloting the system are visitors in a museum and cars in a parking garage.

Research challenges are:

  • How could we guide people so that the experience will be effortless, pleasant, respects personal privacy, and is even enjoyable?
  • How to guide dozens of people simultaneously but individually within the same space?
  • What types of business opportunities for the wireless location, location tracking and guiding can be identified?
  • How to implement tracking and guidance system in a cost-effective way also in existing buildings
  • What are the pros and cons of wireless networks used in the tracking and guidance applications?

The result will be a tracking and guidance pilot system in WeeGee museums. We will get researched knowledge about the user experience of personal guidance solutions, in terms of what are users’ needs for personal guidance, what kind of solutions are most pleasant and efficient, and how people walk around in unknown environments.

Participating as Metropolia’s research partners:

  • TUT / Department of Software Systems, unit of Human-centered technology
  • Participating companies and stakeholders:
  • WeeGee museums, 9Solutions, Marimils, Palko Interactive and Agaidi
  • Tekes

Further information

tki-info [at] (tki-info[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Jarmo Tuppurainen
Technology Manager
tel. +358 40 834 9891
jarmo.tuppurainen [at] (jarmo[dot]tuppurainen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

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