Movement Laboratory

Metropolia Movement Laboratory is located in Myllypuro Campus in City of Helsinki. Movement Laboratory has high quality facilities for gait and running analyses, isokinetic torque measurements and for other movement or function assessments. Analyses are targeted for individual clients, sport clubs or business clients.

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Laboratory equipment

3D movement analysis

3D movement analysis system (Vicon Motion Systems Limited) includes

  • 20 infrared cameras (Vantage, Vero)
  • 4 video cameras (Vue)
  • 8 force plates (AMTI)
  • 8 channel muscle activity system (Cometa)
  • Nexus movement analysis software.

Measurement is executed on laboratory floor or treadmill (HP Cosmos Saturn).

Man walking barefeet on force platform, wearing reflective markers and muscle activity equipment.

2D movement analysis

2D videoanalysis system includes 4 highspeed cameras (Allied Vision) and video analysis software (Contemplas Templo 2D).

Measurement is executed on laboratory floor or treadmill (HP Cosmos Saturn).


Gait and running analysis are executed onHP Cosmos Saturn treadmill.

Size of the treadmill (running length 250 cm, width 75 cm) enables also wheelchair measurements possible.

Speed range of the treadmill is between 0 and 40 km/h, and the elevation between -27 and +27 %.

Man walking on treadmil, behind the treadmill two movement analysis cameras and big screen. An other man standing and watching the situation.

Step analysis

Optogait system (Optogait Microgate) measures time-distance variables, eg. walking speed, step length and during walking or running.

Measurement is executed on laboratory floor (1m x 5m area) or treadmill (HP Cosmos Saturn).

Plantar pressure systems

Plantar pressure distribution and peak pressure measurement is performed with Medilogic in-shoe insoles.

Measurement is executed on laboratory floor or treadmill (HP Cosmos Saturn).

Plantar pressure distribution and peak pressure measurement can also be performed barefoot with Medilogic pressure plate. Measurement is executed when client walks or runs over 3 m long pressure plate on laboratory floor.

Man walking wearing (picture includes only feet) sport shoes, plantar pressure insoles inside shoes. Colourful plantar pressure figure can be seen on the wall behind the feet.

Isokinetic dynamometer

Isokinetic CON-TREX® MJ dynamometer measures knee extension and flexion torque production with chosen movement speed and type of muscle contraction. Measurement can also be performed for other large joints.

Man sits in isokinetic dynamometer, right lower limb fixed by strap to dynamometer. An other man stands holding emergency switch.

Respiratory gas analyzer

COSMED CPET analyzer measures clients’ cardio-pulmonary ability during rest and load. Submaximal or maximal test is executed when walking or running on treadmill (HP Cosmos Saturn) or pedaling with cycle ergometer (Ergoline).

Man sitting on cycle ergometer wearing respiratory face mask.

Body composition analyzer

SECA 515 MBCA body composition analyzer measures clients’ body composition on 19 frequencies.

Contact information

Research and development

Anu Valtonen

Anu Valtonen
tel. +358 40 126 3488
anu.valtonen [at] (anu[dot]valtonen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)


Tom Thiel

Tom Thiel
tel. +358 50 407 4973
tom.thiel [at] (tom[dot]thiel[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Learning and sports club coordinator

Matti Kantola

Matti Kantola
tel. +358 40 482 8224
matti.kantola [at] (matti[dot]kantola[at]metropolia[dot]fi)