Metropolia UAS initiates negotiations on relocating the Developer Campus for Smart Solutions from Leppävaara to Nokia´s facilities in Karamalmi

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will start negotiations to relocate the Developer Campus for Smart Solutions from Leppävaara, Espoo, to Nokia Corporation´s facilities in Karamalmi.

The Karamalmi facilities are located three kilometers from the current Leppävaara site.

Starting from April 1st Metropolia´s Degree Programmes in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Industrial Management would gradually relocate to the address Karaportti 2 in Espoo.

The relocation involves around 2500 students and 70 staff members.

Until the temporary relocation the tuition is implemented through special arrangements that utilize group work and independent assignments as well as e-learning.

Other campus activities will be transferred to Metropolia's other 3 campuses: in Arabia and Myllypuro, Helsinki, and in Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

On 14 February Metropolia received a request from the City of Espoo -the property owner- to relocate from Leppävaara Campus on the address Vanha maantie 6, as soon as possible due to poor state of the building.

All operations at Leppävaara Campus will close down as of 4 March.

“Facilities of Karaportti would provide Metropolia an innovative learning environment. The facilities are located next to Nokia´s head office and are easy to reach by public transport. The location would provide an opportunity for deeper cooperation in several areas with Nokia Corporations. The Karaportti area is developing and enables a good ecosystem for Metropolia. This solution would also be cost-effective”, says Metropolia’s Deputy CEO Simo Mustila.

“We are delighted to be able to offer these temporary facilities to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Metropolia would make a perfect tenant for Nokia's Campus in Espoo. Our Campus offers excellent settings for studying and interactions between professionals and students,” says Area Manager Finland South Petra Penttonen, from Nokia.

The closing of Leppävaara Campus has no effect on tuition of degree programmes which are included in Metropolia´s joint application 20 March -3 April, 2019. Only the location of tuition may change. More information

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