Lifelong learning

Embrace the evolving demands of society and work by prioritizing continuous learning. Discover our diverse range of studies and services tailored to help you stay up to date, renew your skills, and supplement your knowledge.

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, no matter your age or background. That's why we prioritize your needs and wishes when designing our services and training options.

With us, you'll have access to a wide range of benefits, including specialized training, personalized guidance, versatile services, and study packages tailored just for you. By diving into new subjects, you'll not only enhance your knowledge and skills, but also open doors to better employment opportunities and personal growth. Plus, the best part is that you'll ignite a spark of energy, gain fresh insights, and keep that natural curiosity burning within you!

Guidance for planning your career and studies for successful working life

If you would like to discuss career opportunities or possibilities for developing your skills with a career coach, book a free personal career guidance appointment in our booking system. The appointment will be held online and takes only 30 minutes of your time — a small but significant investment in your professional future!

Booking a career guidance appointment could be useful, if you are:

  • planning a career shift into new tasks or another professional field
  • wondering which skills employers are currently looking for, how those match with your professional profile, and how to highlight your skills
  • interested in learning more about opportunities for studying and developing your skills at the Open University of Applied Sciences

In any other matters regarding the Open University of Applied Sciences, you can book an appointment titled “Guidance and advice, Open UAS” or contact us:
avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi) or +358 40 712 5100 (Mon-Wed at 10-12)

Find the most suitable service for you

Are you currently unemployed or on furlough? Don't let this period go to waste - seize the opportunity to invest in your future with our study programs designed to enhance your skills, boost your employability, and open doors to new career possibilities.

Have you considered exploring the possibilities of studying at Metropolia UAS? Seize this incredible opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and pave the way for your future academic journey!

Are you interested in expanding your professional network, improving or sharing your knowledge, or recruiting professionals? Explore our services!

Would you like to have study guidance, study Finnish, or prepare for university studies? Explore our services!

For Ukrainians

Would you like to have guidance on study and career possibilities in Finland? Would you like to continue you studies or study something new? We will help you. Explore our services!

Explore various opportunities for studies

With our diverse range of study programs, you can explore numerous exciting opportunities that align with your interests and aspirations. Our innovative approach to education, combined with our modern campuses and experimental culture, provides the perfect environment for creating something truly groundbreaking.

By studying with us, you won't just earn a degree; you'll gain the practical skills and knowledge necessary for meaningful work and continuous learning throughout your life.

Contact information

Guidance services

Are you thinking about changing your career or are you looking for further education opportunities in Metropolia? Do you have questions about the open UAS or do you need help with enrolling?

Please book a time for an in-person or remote appointment and we can consider different options for you.

Student and Admission Services

Student and Admission Services are designed to help students with everyday study-related matters such as study right, enrollment and student financial aid. Student and Admission Services have four offices located on different campuses. Please see the opening hours on our website.

Are you going to apply for a degree or other Metropolia’s studies? Please see the application periods and instructions on our website.

Continuous learning

Do you have questions in mind? Please contact us at jatkuvaoppiminen [at] (jatkuvaoppiminen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Solutions for businesses

We offer education and training and expert services for businesses.

yrityspalvelut [at] (yrityspalvelut[at]metropolia[dot]fi)