Everyone who has a higher education degree from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (or the previous institutions Evtek and Stadia) is a Metropolia alumni and a part of the over 60 000 alumni of our university community. They form a broad group of experts from different fields. As a representatives of the working life they are important stakeholders.

Get to know Metropolia’s alumni activities

The goals of the alumni activities are to improve the success of the graduated alumni in the working life and also utilize their experiences and knowledge in the education and research. We want to support your career, help you improve your knowledge and co-operate with you also after you have graduated.

Through our alumni activities you can for example: take part in different events, expand your professional network, improve your own knowledge, stay up to date on Metropolia’s development, share your own know-how, recruit experts and have an impact on the development of the education.

On this page you can explore our alumni activities and services.

Alum of the Year is chosen for the first time in Metropolia

On the initiative of Metropolia’s reorganized alumni activities the Alum of the Year award will be rewarded for the first time in Metropolia this autumn. Alum of the Year will be chosen by the Management Group, based on the suggestions made by the staff and the Board of the Student Union. Alum of the Year will be announced 12th of October, at the starting date for the Career Monitoring Survey, in the Alumni Gala held in Myllypuro Campus.

The person who will be chosen to be Alum of the Year has a higher education degree from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, or the previous institutions Evtek and Stadia. She/he is an active and positive ambassador for Metropolia and shows Metropolia in a good light.

We will announce who will be first Alum of the year later on this page and in the Alumni LinkedIn group, so make sure you keep up with our updates!

Read more about Alumni Gala

Let’s stay in touch

By updating your information on our alumni register, you make sure you get the alumni newsletter and stay up to date on Metropolia’s news, lifelong learning and events.

You can also stay connected to your university community and friends by joining our Metropolia LinkedIn alumni community. Come join us!

You are also very welcome to come talk to our students, act as mentor and take part in the education’s development advisory board. We gladly post stories about our alumni. If you are interested in sharing your own story, please contact us via email alumni [at] (alumni[at]metropolia[dot]fi).

Improve your knowledge

The future of working is lifelong learning. Metropolia offers many different continuing studies to support your career development. You can apply for a Master’s degree and take part in the continuing studies.

Master’s Degrees
Open University of Applied Sciences
Continuing Education
Specialization studies

Open UAS studies free of charge for our alumni from 1st January 2023

Alumni of Metropolia (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences higher education degree graduates) are offered the opportunity to study at the Metropolia Open UAS free of charge for 4 semesters after graduating. Free studies must be completed within four consecutive full semesters. Alumni who have graduated before 2023 from Metropolia and its predecessors Stadia and EVTEK get this right for the period 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2024.

Enrollment takes place in the Open UAS enrollment system . If the studies are fee-based, when confirming your enrollment, you need to select "Order invoice" as the payment method.

After confirming your enrollment, please contact us by e-mail avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi), regardless of whether you have enrolled in fee-based or free studies. The e-mail must state that you are a Metropolia alum and which studies you are enrolled in.

Are you looking for a professional?

Find a skilled professional with the help of JobTeaser

Find a skilled and motivated student for an internship, for a longer employment or to conduct a thesis. You can offer a student a subject for their thesis or utilize their know-how to improve your business with a cooperation project.

JobTeaser Portal can be used in job searching, career planning and student recruitment. Announce your open internship, job position or thesis offers through our JobTeaser recruitment portal!

Explore the recruitment opportunities and JobTeaser!

The working life cooperation agreement brings systematicness and easiness to a multidisciplinary cooperation with companies

The aim of the cooperation agreement is to deepen and diversify the cooperation between a company and Metropolia and to make the operations goal-directed, easy and systematic:

  • cooperation with the students
  • shared Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities
  • solutions of lifelong learning for the company personnel
  • to make the cooperation visible

Explore the cooperation agreements.

The opportunities of participation

To develop the education and research, the alumni bring their experience from the working life. The alumni can act as a guest speakers and mentors to share their knowledge and contacts for the students of the field.

Sharing your knowledge

To develop the education and the research, the alumni bring their experience from the working life. The alumni can act as a guest speakers and mentors to share their knowledge and contacts for the students of the field.

As a mentor you spar with a student and learn simultaneously yourself.

Make a difference

As a alumni you can lead peer groups and organize alumni events. Through the schools’ advisory boards and different alumni groups, you can take part in the development of the education, working life services and alumni activities.

You can also donate funds for an alumni scholarship for a gifted student, research or other possible functions. Read more about how you can make a donation.


If you live and work abroad, you can share your experiences and be a local contact person for the other alumni and students. You can also host events and lead your own group. You can recruit international professionals abroad too.

Innovation projects

You can propose a subject for the multidisciplinary Minno innovation projects, suggest a collaboration project or take part in the innovation projects.

Read more about our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities.

If you are interested in collaboration, please contact us via email alumni [at] (alumni[at]metropolia[dot]fi).

The services for the alumni

Incubator Turbiini

Turbiini is the Metropolia’s campus incubator. Turbiini offers mentoring, events, workspace and early stages incubator program for the students and alumni of the Metropolia.
Explore Turbiini.

Services for the companies and individuals

We offer a wide range of services to individuals as well as companies and communities. Some of the services are provided as student work, some as expert services.
Explore the services.

The career survey

As an alumni you are important to us - please remember to answer the career survey which is sent to you five years after graduating.

With the career survey we want to find out for example:

  • how your studies have matched with the demands of the working life?
  • what have your career path been like after graduating?
  • what are your future plans for the possible postgraduate studies?
  • how has your polytechnic knowledge served you in the working life?

The annual career survey is a great chance for the Metropolia’s alumni to give feedback of the employment, career paths and the knowledge needed in the working life.

This information is important to the individuals who are applying into university studies and the students who are thinking about their studies and their future career plans. The information will also be used in the development of Metropolia’s education and study counselling.

Alumni stories

Get to know our alumni's stories. Would you like to tell us your own story? Please contact us at alumni [at] (alumni[at]metropolia[dot]fi).

Contact us

alumni [at] (alumni[at]metropolia[dot]fi)