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Why not reach out to students of the largest university of applied sciences in Finland? Boost your employer brand among those developing professionals already before they take their fresh ideas to the job market!

Or are you searching for a skilled graduate or professional who would not only have field-specific competence but also special expertise in new market areas, language skills, new perspectives and experience in international work environments? Or are you simply looking for the best possible match for your business?

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JobTeaser - find Metropolia talents in our recruitment portal

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JobTeaser — find your future talents in the Metropolia recruitment portal

Reach out to Metropolia’s degree students and international Career Boost professionals* through our recruitment portal powered by JobTeaser! Also graduates from Metropolia can continue to use the portal as alumni.

How can your organisation benefit from the service?

In Metropolia's JobTeaser you can free of charge:

  • Post job, work placement and thesis offers
  • Build your employer brand by showcasing a company profile
  • Promote your events and networking opportunities
  • Explore the talent profiles in Metropolia's Talent Bank

Metropolia Jobteaser.

Post offers or create a company profile free of charge!

You have two possibilities to reach out to Metropolia's students and Career Boost professionals. Choose the option suitable for your organisation and find the talents that match with your needs.

Recruiter account: post and manage job ads and find the talent match

The recruiter account is the best option for you if you just wish to post open positions to Metropolia.

  • You can track live the progress and see how many views your ad has had.
  • You can archive the ad when necessary, or modify it.
  • You can also decide to manage the application process in JobTeaser. You can see how many students have applied. The applications come to your email, but you will also see them in JobTeaser. You can also send joint messages to applicants.

Metropolia checks and validates the job ads within a few days of posting.

Create a recruiter account to JobTeaser!

Company account: post jobs, create a profile and explore Talent Bank

With a company profile you can boost your employer brand and visibility.

  • Post open positions, follow the interest and if you wish, manage the application process in JobTeaser.
  • Provide targeted information about your organisation to potential applicants — you will get better tailored applications.
  • Create and manage events to talents.
  • Discover talent profiles and find professionals with key words and search criteria in Talent Bank.

Metropolia gives access to Talent Bank to all organisations who have created a company profile. In Talent Bank you can find all those talents who have uploaded their CV in JobTeaser. JobTeaser, however, has much more users and the number is growing constantly.

Create a company account to JobTeaser!

JobTeaser has been taken into use in several institutions in the Helsinki region and nationwide.

You can post jobs and publish a profile in Metropolia's JobTeaser free of charge. However, JobTeaser offers the possibility to get national or Europe-wide visibility among all the higher education institutions using JobTeaser. Explore the payable services for companies on the JobTeaser website.

*) Work placements in the Health Care and Social Services sector are not published in JobTeaser but in Jobiili.

Instructions on using JobTeaser

Collaborate with Metropolia

We can build different kinds of collaboration with your organisation, based on your needs.

Metropolia educates future professionals in the fields of business, culture, health care and social services and technology.

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Discover our wide pool of international talents

By collaborating with us you will get to network with around 1100 international degree students and with around 1500 other international professionals.

In addition, around 300 students from international backgrounds study in Metropolia's degree programmes taught in Finnish.

Explore our

bachelor's degree programmes
master's degree programmes

Other international professionals

In addition to our students and alumni, each year around 1000 professionals with higher education degrees in different fields are connected to you by our SIMHE services. They all live already in Finland.

International talents boost expertise and innovation in your organisation

International professionals bring their competence and their networks and their unique personality to your organisation. They are motivated to find an expert-level job in their own field in Finland and to build their lives in the happiest country of the world.

Yet, it is about so much more. Creativity, innovation, high performance - diversity of the staff has been found to increase all these factors, crucial to the growth and competitiveness of the organisation.

When you recruit international experts, you get new perspectives, wider customer understanding and language pool and specialised market area knowledge. Living, studying and working in another culture bring also e.g. creativity, resilience and skill to operate in international networks and environments.

Utilise other services and funding options

Talent Boost networks in Finland and in the Helsinki region are constantly developing new services for employers to make recruitment of international professionals smoother and easier. Finland needs all the competence of international professionals and the about 4000 international future talents that graduate from Finnish higher education institutions yearly.

Read more on Talent Boost activities on the Business Finland website.

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outi.lemettinen [at] (outi[dot]lemettinen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
+358 50 370 8120

SIMHE — Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland

Metropolia has been developing SIMHE functions since 2016, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Read more on our SIMHE activities.

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