Midwifery, Bachelor's Degree

A midwife is an expert in sexual and reproductive health who works with women who are pregnant, in labour or who have recently given birth and people close to them. Midwives counsel customers of various ages about matters related to sexual health and act as experts in female health and gynecology.

The work of a midwife is very people-oriented and constantly varying. Midwives work much on their own, but in specific situations together with doctors and other health care professionals. Midwives must be able to cope with stress, operate under pressure, have good organising and interaction skills and an ability to make decisions independently.

Our graduates have strong clinical expertise in sexual and reproductive health and an ability to contribute creatively to midwifery practices. They appreciate the importance of sexual health to human wellbeing and can back their care decisions with research findings.

What do midwifery studies involve?

The training consists of 270 credit points (4.5 years), of which 135 credit points accumulate under supervised practical training. Midwifery students receive two degree titles upon graduation: Midwife and Registered Nurse. The studies consist of theory, independent study, simulation and laboratory studies and supervised training. The students will learn the facts and skills to be experts in female health and gynecology and for other jobs requiring nursing skills.

Job opportunities in both basic health care and specialised healthcare

Being experts in reproductive health, midwives work in, for example, maternity clinics, antenatal, labour and postnatal wards and in gynecology clinics and wards. As experts in sexual health, midwives work in all areas of midwifery and people of various ages. Various organisations also offer further job opportunities.

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