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Building services engineers design and build functional and safe living and working environments with the help of the latest IT and environmentally friendly technologies. Once graduated from the Degree Programme in Building Services Engineering, a student has not only the knowledge and skills required in the field, but also the capability to follow the development of the field and the motivation to life-long learning.

Specialisation options

Although the students choose one of the specialisation options below as their field of focus, the emphasis of the Degree Programme is on learning both electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) engineering.

The specialisation options are:

  • HVAC Engineering, planning oriented
  • HVAC Engineering, production oriented
  • Property Management (adult education only)

The main professional study units in planning oriented HVAC technology are related to air conditioning, energy production and distribution, construction automation, sanitary engineering, and refrigeration technology.

The study areas in production oriented HVAC Engineering are for the most part the same as in the planning oriented HVAC Engineering. In addition to the building services studies also communication, presentation and human relations skills are emphasised.

Typical jobs

An engineer graduated from this Degree Programme is employed as an expert in building services, environmental technology and related fields. Typical duties include design, implementation, operation and maintenance duties in the construction industry, research, product development and marketing duties in HVAC engineering, both in Finland and abroad.


All tuition in the Degree Programme in Building Services Engineering is in Finnish.

Contact Information

Markku T. Leino
Program coordinator
markku.t.leino [at]