Construction Architecture, Bachelor's Programme

Profile of the programme

With the bachelor of architecture studies a student will reach the required skills for an undergraduate academic degree building designer. The specialisation options through the elective studies are architectural design, building economy or renovation.

The awarding of Bachelor of Construction Architecture (B. Constr.Arch.) diploma requires the acquisition of no less than 240 ECTS points during 8 semesters. An academic year of day studies is equivalent to 60 ECTS points.


As a result of the studies are the building designers, who have also strong technical knowledge. Architecture studies combine technical, artistic and economical skills.
Studies include, beside the building design studies, architectural history, building construction, building services, building economy, building management, teamwork, communication and art studies.

Basic studies include information technology and building Information modelling (BIM) studies.


Applications should be made through joint national application system.

All the eligible applicants are invited to the entrance exam. Eligibility is defined like in general all the polytechnic studies.

All the invited applicants to the construction architect degree should take part to the national technology and transport exam and to the construction architects aptitude exam.

Position of Construction Architect

Bachelor of Architecture works in design offices, public administration, construction companies, developer companies or as entrepreneur.

After required professional experience Bachelor of Architecture can work as a Class A building designer in Finland (Finnish building regulations A2).

Bachelor of Architecture’s duties include e.g.

  • design of small and medium-sized buildings, work as an assistant designer for major projects
  • renovation design and condition surveys
  • planning tasks for construction industry
  • planning project management and construction management
  • building supervision

Higher education

After completing Bachelor of Architecture degree student has a possibility to apply for master degree studies in higher academic education.

Mode of study

Language: Finnish, full-time, daytime studies.

Head of the Degree Programme in Construction Architecture

Kaisa Hyyti
tel +358 40 648 2533
kaisa.hyyti [at] (kaisa[dot]hyyti[at]metropolia[dot]fi)