Fashion and Clothing, Bachelor's Degree

Students graduating from the degree programme of Fashion and Clothing obtain the academic title of the Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing. Education is devised to meet future needs and requirements of the working life.

The field of fashion and clothing can be characterized as international, fast-spaced and forward-looking and utilizing trend movements. Graduates work either in the fashion business or the clothing industry where production is usually outsourced. Therefore, the starting point of the education is to nurture students with multifaceted expertise to manage the entire design, manufacturing and trading process and the quality control of garments.

Competences of a Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing

  • Mastering the shape, quality and the manufacturing process of garment production
  • Fashion and concept design, collection and selection coordination both of ladies', men's and children's casual wear and knit wear and also of image wear and functional wear
  • Clothing materials
  • Marketing and business strategies in the fashion field
  • Fashion logistics
  • Forecasting and utilizing trend movements
  • Applied information technologies: design, collection and assortment coordination, pattern making, grading, manufacturing instructions, measurement charts, logistics, production control
  • Mastering team and project working skills
  • Environmental and ethical responsibility

The Bachelor's degree in Fashion and Clothing is comprehensive in its content. It offers the opportunity to profile oneself either in fashion and concept design or master pattern making and manufacturing instructions. Core competency studies also comprise business studies. The starting point for education is to provide specific competence for the student to master the processes in the clothing field. This is facilitated during the studies through versatile collaboration with the working life. Studies comprise a six-month internship in various jobs in the clothing companies, which also opens up doors to the working life.

The working environment of a Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing can take place e.g. in international purchasing teams, image and work clothing companies and clothing import companies. The job titles vary in different companies and can be as follows e.g. master pattern maker, pattern coordinator, fashion designer, collection coordinator, selection coordinator, buyer, importer, representative or subcontracting supervisor or marketing assistant. Often the career begins in assisting tasks on one of the aforementioned areas.

Consisting of 240 ECTS credits, fashion and clothing students complete a Bachelor’s degree in four years. Teaching takes place in the address Hämeentie 135, FI-00560 Helsinki. Tuition is given in Finnish language.

Contact information

Päivi Lonka
Head of Degree Programme
paivi.lonka [at] (paivi[dot]lonka[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
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