Emergency Care, Bachelor's Degree

Paramedics are often the first to respond at a scene and come into contact with people with acute illness or injury and their next of kin. Their duties include patient assessment, emergency medical care end either leaving them at home with proper instructions or transporting them to the appropriate medical facility. Paramedics cooperate with other first responders, for example the police and rescue department and various health care professionals such the ER personnel.

No two working days of a paramedic are alike, which is why they are required to have a range of characteristics. They will benefit from a good ability to cope with stress and operate under pressure as they often have to make treatment decisions under quickly changing circumstances.

A paramedic should be calm and be able to work with different kinds of people. Good physical condition is definitely an asset and paramedics should take care of themselves as they will face many mental and social challenges.

Comprehensive studies

Emergency care training is based on the theoretical and applied information of health sciences, emergency medicine and other fields of science that support them. The studies take four years to complete, comprising 240 credit points and containing theory, independent study and clinical training in appropriate proportion.

Part of the training is carried out in a simulation learning environment where it is possible to practice patient care before moving on to training with real patients. Clinical training periods are carried out, for example, in different EMS units, in hospital wards, OR, ER and ICU.

Good job opportunities in the capital region

Emergency care students receive two degree titles upon graduation: Paramedic and Registered Nurse. This provides them excellent job opportunities both in emergency medical services and in hospitals, such as ER, intensive care and surgery wards.

It is also possible to complete a Master's degree in Finnish in "Specialisation in leadership of emergency care services" at Metropolia. Moreover, since autumn 2012, Metropolia has offered a Master's degree in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, which is the first Erasmus Mundus Master's degree programme in the field of nursing.

Contact information

Sami Mikkonen
Head of Degree Programme
tel. +358 40 664 6675
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