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The Data Driven Construction Innovation Hub aims to be a highly desirable hub in national and international Built Environment Innovation Ecosystem. The Hub seeks to lead flagship programs with a network of active innovators- researchers, practitioners, educators and students.

The key objectives of the hub in the near term (2020-2024) are

  • to initiate 3 flagship programs, one each in the areas of
    • Digitally supported situation awareness (sensing, monitoring, tracking, analyzing and decision-making) in construction and real estate.
    • Education, pedagogy and learning including the introduction of innovative curriculum, learning technologies and multidisciplinary educational programs  
    • Design driven innovation through Design for X Methodologies, where X can be Modularity and prefabrication, manufacturing and assembly, energy efficiency and sustainability, etc.
  • to build requisite regional, national and international partnerships for each of the flagship programs  
  • to launch a networked-model based Human Resources (HR) initiative to build an agile team comprising of full time Metropolia personnel, part-time and affiliate Metropolia personnel, visiting personnel (e.g. visiting researchers, student interns) and affiliate experts (e.g. consultants) who collectively seek to achieve the goals in the flagship programs.
  • to create internal seed funds and open idea calls for supporting divergent ideas and equal distribution of opportunities for personnel in our networked team to propose, plan and lead RDI activities
  • to leverage the HR initiative and open idea calls to strengthen our Internal RDI and teaching capacity
  • to target high quality funded RDI projects, together with our partners

Research focus at Data Driven Construction Innovation Hub

research focus



Jorma Säteri.

Head of School, School of Real Estate and Construction
Jorma Säteri
jorma.sateri [at]
tel. +358 40 548 5429

Anna-Maria Vilkuna.

Director, RDI
Anna-Maria Vilkuna
anna-maria.vilkuna [at]
tel. +358 40 334 7929