Metropolia as developer of service robotics

Robotics for Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

Our objective is to be a forerunner in the utilisation of open robot platforms in health and welfare services.

  • We use robotics to improve people's safety and wellbeing by making their daily lives easier.
  • We specialise in combining robotics with automation, design, business economics and the viewpoints of those who use health care and welfare services.
  • We are expanding our network of experts to develop new technologies and service solutions to promote wellbeing.
  • We are seeking brave partners, such as service providers, health technology companies, investors and researchers to join us in the creation of service robotics that benefits users.
  • Together with the users and through trials we will find robotics applications in areas such as care and rehabilitation.


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Service Robotics for Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

Päivi Haho.
Päivi Haho
Project Manager
Health Technology
tel. +358 40 167 7990
paivi.haho metropolia fi