Course Supply and Enrollment

Metropolia's Open UAS selection and course enrollment has been moved to a new information system. Information Technology non-stop virtual studies form an exception and will still be handled outside the new system.

Metropolia's spring 2020 Open UAS paths and modules will be published on 11th November 2019 at 12.00 am.The enrollment period is 25th November - 1st December.

Enrollment to all individual courses varies depending on the course.
You can always see the enrollment period in connection to each course. Principally the enrollment ends 14 days before the beginning of the course. See instructions on course timing at schedules.

Notice! Metropolia's active degree students can not study in Metropolia's Open UAS.



Notice! Strong identification using online banking codes is currently disabled. Therefore use weak identification --> chooce "skip and move to registration". Students and personnel of other Universities of Applied Sciences can use HAKA identification.

Our phone service is currently out of use due to rush. Please send an email to avoinamk metropolia fi

Below you can find a few instruction on how to use the system. The instructions must be read.

Instructions on how to use the system

Searching the supply

  • Please notice that all Open UAS selection is visible at both Finnish and English side. Therefore it is very important to check the teaching language in connection to the study information.
  • The page view is empty. Studies are searched using search restrictions found in the left side. The results can be restricted using several restrictions. Only those restrictions are visible to choose that are in use at the moment.
  • Above the page is an open search field. Please remember to empty the field if you move to use specific search restrictions.
  • Search results show 10 first results. You can raise the amount from then dropdown list.
  • At the moment the search restriction of study location does not function reliably and should therefore be not used. Location can be found in connection to the course information and Schedule Machine.
  • Other information restrictions offer the possibility to restrict the search according to teaching language, virtual studies, multifield studies and separately Master Degree Programme studies.
  • Above the page you can see the chosen restrictions in use. You can delete them from the right side of the page.

Enrollment and cancellation

  • In the right margin you can see an "Add to basket" button which is not active when the enrollment time has not yet begun or has ended.
  • When enrolling, double check your email. If the email is incorrect, you will not receive any messages, e.g. confirmation of the study place. When you have enrolled in the studies, please check that you receive messages. If not, contact avoinamk metropolia fi.
  • When enrolling, you will carry out a strong identification using either online banking codes or Mobile ID. You can also use weak identification, but do not use it if you are able to use strong identification. Otherwise you have to visit a service point of Metropolia's Student and Admission Services to do a strong identification. Lack of strong identification prevents receival of Metropolia's student ID.
  • You are able to enroll in only target group study in the same session: implementation (i.e. course), path or module. In terms of courses and modules, you can enroll in and receive a study place to several courses/modules. In terms of paths, you can receive only one study place during the same semester. If you receive a place, you are not able to enroll in another path. If you are left in the waiting list, you can enroll in another path.
  • If the path includes a selection method (interview or written exam), it’s possible to enroll in several similar paths (in different session). All enrollees of such paths are invited to the test. Those who pass the test, will be offered study places inside the amount of the seats available. The places will be offered in enrollment order. Therefore, the test will not determine the selection but only stands for an eliminating method. The person who will be offered the place, will get a message where the place must be accepted or declined. When one has accepted a place to one path, it’s not possible to accept a place to any other, even though one would get several offers. In such case one must determine which place to accept.
  • When entering you name, write it in form Maija Mehiläinen. Not in maija mehiläinen or MAIJA MEHILÄINEN.
  • At the moment, it's not possible to give different billing address. The bill will be sent to the person/address given in terms of the enrollment.
  • If you cancel our studies, ALWAYS do it by using the cancellation link in the automatic message you got.

Timing of the studies

  • The "timing" field in connection to the study information does not always represent the correct beginning. The timing must always be checked from the Schedule Machine. Link to the Schedule Machine is not in the system but only here. If the study is 100% virtual, it is told in the study information. See instructions on how to use the Schedule Machine.

Important before enrollment

Before enrollment, please familiarize yourself carefully with

Foreign students note

Depending on citizenship, foreign students (i.e. students without citizenship of Finland) may need a visa or a residence permit for Open UAS Studies in Finland. Admission of the permit can however be difficult for Open UAS studies as the studies do not lead to a degree. Foreing students also need Finnish Social Security number to be able to study in Metropolia's Open UAS. For further information, please visit the website of the International House Helsinki.

Metropolia does not provide foreign students any certificates about Open UAS studies for the application of visa/residence permit.

The studies in Open UAS often contain contact lessons and require attendance in Metropolia UAS (Helsinki, Finland). Studies also require sufficient study and language skills.