Metropolia's campuses will be opened gradually - as a rule, remote work and studies will continue.

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You can see the schedule of the course in connection to the course information. If you want to examine schedules of several courses at the same time (notice overlap), you have to use the Schedule Machine.

How to use Schedule Machine

  1. Copy the implementation code from the course information.
  2. Go to the Schedule Machine.
  3. Type the code (eg. SX00BN69-3001) in the field "Search word" and press "Search".
  4. Click the symbol before the course name and you'll get a list of the calendar reservations for the course. NB! The timing period in the course information is not always accurate. Always check the actual schedule.
  5. Add the course to the "Study basket" by pressing the "+" sign before the name of the course.
  6. The course is transferred to the course basket in the left bottom.
  7. If you wish to examine several courses at the same time, repeat the steps 1-6 with all courses.
  8. When you have all courses in the study basket, press "View schedule".
  9. Now you can see the calendar view for the current week. By browsing the weeks you can see the teaching times for each week. If you wish to see all teaching times at once, choose the list –view. In the calendar view you can see the possible overlaps the easiest.

Please note, that if you are not an Open UAS student, you are not able to save the schedule in the Schedule Machine, but you can print it (pdf online or paper).

To be noted

  • There may always be changes in the schedules, so check the schedules close to the beginning of the course.
  • The list view in the calendar shows only classes ahead.
  • Make sure the studies do not overlap!
  • Information on the Study Paths and Modules are usually published and enrollment opened earlier than the schedules are published. However, the students don't need the schedules before the studies.

When you are an Open UAS student

When you have already been accepted to studies and have activated your Student ID, you can examine your personal schedule.

  1. Log in to Lukkarikone with your Student ID and password in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Settings –tab, where you can choose e.g. your default schedule. The view shows you those courses where you have been accepted.

When you are an active Open UAS student, you save the schedule in the system.