How to start Nursing path studies

You have been admitted as a student at Metropolia's Open UAS in Nursing path! Your studies will begin on 21.8.2023 at 9.00 in class MPA6012, Myllypurontie 1, Helsinki.

You can find general information on your studies on the Open UAS website and the Metropolia’s OMA-intranet pages for students. Below is a list of the appropriate contacts for various queries you may have:

  • Person responsible for your studies and study guidance: Nea Lehtimäki
  • Contents and completion of courses: lecturer
  • Open Path applications and other matters concerning applications: Student and Admission Services, hakijapalvelut [at] (hakijapalvelut[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
  • Meal benefit certificates (open UAS path students), transcripts of records and registration certificates: Student and Admission Services, opiskelijapalvelut [at] (opiskelijapalvelut[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
  • Other general help, refunding of payments and financial support applications: avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
  • IT problems: helpdesk [at] (helpdesk[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

User accounts

When you start as a new student at Metropolia, you need to activate your user account. See instructions from IT service's website how to activate your user ID. Activate your user account by using Netbank User ID or Mobile Certificate, or by using activation password. If you have enrolled for Open UAS studies without using strong identification, you must visit the Student and Admission Services office for strong identification. Only after that you can activate your user account.


You will receive your study schedules at the beginning of the studies. You can use the Schedule Machine to see the up-to-date schedules. Your group ID is SXN23S1A. We recommend that you check the schedules regularly during studies (Instructions for using the Schedule Machine). Open UAS students do not enrol for the courses themselves. You have already been registered for the courses.


Communications concerning studies will be sent to your Metropolia e-mail, which you can use once you activate your user account. Lecturers mostly send their messages through the courses' OMA workspaces. If other learning management platforms are used, such as Moodle, the lecturer will inform you of this. Please also read the general announcements on Metropolia's OMA-intranet.

Meal benefit for Open path students

Open Study Path students are entitled to a meal discount in Metropolia's student restaurants because Open UAS students are not entitled to the degree students’ meal subsidy. The price of the meal is restaurant-specific. The meal discount is not valid at the Hämeentie 135 D student restaurant. Tuudo mobile app’s red student card or meal certificate, which you can either pick up at the Student and Admission Services customer service point or order by e-mail from studentservices [at] (studentservices[at]metropolia[dot]fi) at the beginning of your studies, entitles to a meal benefit. Students in study modules or individual courses are not entitled for the benefit.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) during the Open UAS studies

Direct recognition of prior learning is not possible at the Open UAS. Instead, studies are recognised using pedagogic solutions, in which case the student demonstrates his or her competence in the manner specified by the lecturer. The RPL process is identical with the degree students. More information is given by the lecturer of the course in question or your Student Advisor. RPL process does not entitle to a refund of fees.
Registration for retaking an exam
If you are retaking an exam or wish to improve your grade, please register for the exam. You can find the instructions for retaking exams on the OMA intranet. Please contact the course lecturer for more information.

Other studies

If you wish to complete other studies in addition to those in your study path, you can enrol for the Open UAS courses on our enrollment system. Please make sure that your additional studies do not overlap with the studies included in the path. Path students are also entitled to complete Campus Online studies (courses offered by other universities of applied sciences). You can get more information on the studies from the degree programme.

Applying for a degree programme

After completing the Open UAS path studies, you can apply for a degree programme on the basis of Metropolia's Open UAS studies. The instructions for this are available on the application pages. Please make sure you are aware of the application times. You may also apply for a degree programme through the normal joint application system during your studies. If you are admitted as a degree student during your Open UAS studies, please inform us by sending an e-mail to avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi). Possible second semester path studies will be refunded in this situation.